Studio 3 User Guide Wireframes and Wireframing Functions An overview of Studio 3 Introductory Tutorial (Help | Tutorials | Introductory Tutorial) Studio 3 Datamine wireframe data is stored in two related files, a triangle file and a points file. (Datamine) Studio3. In this training, you will find principles and exercises associated with the following sections: 1. Getting Started: In this section you will learn. Page 3 Datamine Studio EM is tailor made to meet the needs of exploration geologists. Leveraging the base tool is available for manual image registration.

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Au grade varies with distance and direction. Selecting this command displays the Calculate Volume dialog. The separation distance is applied to any new points automatically created.

In this situation, the message “The current wireframe selection method is By Field, but no field name has been specified. The command to use for querying wireframe triangles is query-triangle. For tutorkal full list of all optional and mandatory parameters for this command, consult your online Help. If not already loaded, load your wireframe data into memory so that it appears in the Loaded Data control bar.

If the shape of the strings is dissimilar, then to get best results tag strings should be used to link together those string sections that are similar.


For more information tutorixl these, or any Studio 3 processes, please refer to your online Help. Studio 3 has an extensive tutorixl of commands and functions for creating and manipulating wireframe models.

Full VR window documentation, including dedicated tutorials, can be found as part of your Studio 3 online Help. There are several ways to create compound wireframe objects, and the method used will depend on the type of wireframe s in memory and, in some cases, personal choice.


This unifies the concepts of wireframe and cell models, allowing varying grades within seams and orebodies to be represented in as much detail as required. Help Center Find new research papers in: The table shows three phases of decimation.

For example, if a topographical surface model was captured from survey data at the start of a particular phase of mining operations, this model could be compared with, say, a similar survey, taken at a point in the future whereby the terrain has been progressively deformed.

Below is an example a report generated by the query-triangle command, for a dztamine loaded wireframe: This command is discussed in more detail in the wtudio section. If this is not checked, the command will attempt to close the wireframe before performing its designated function. This utility was used to view Datamine models outside of their host system. There is no definitive way to view wireframe data, and it is likely that you will use a variety of techniques when working with data of this type.

The triangles are formed to best maintain their proportional position along the two strings.


If the Difference command is run, and object 1 is selected in the top-down list, and object dwtamine in the bottom, the larger of the two resulting images occurs. The dialogs do have an Open checkbox which should be checked if the wireframe is open. For this reason, you will be alerted as to how many objects are to be created before you commit to running the function. Studio EM also has a full set of plotting functionality for producing section plots, plan plots, strip logs dxtamine reports as well as comprehensive 3D viewing and the option to datamine studio 3 tutorial 3D pdf files.


By the very nature of the command, decimation results in a loss of data. Analysis of wireframe data, and resolution of problems, can significantly speed up subsequent processes, and lead to more consistent results.

The result of the Solid Hull command is the equivalent of performing wireframe- union commands on the surfaces in the wireframe two at a time until all are merged into a single solid.

Boolean Operation Tolerances A Boolean command relies on the presence of two wireframe objects in memory. Wireframe objects can be selected from the drop-down list or by using the Data Picker tool that can be found on the right of the object list s.

Remember me on this computer. The standard dialogs contain Verify check boxes selected by default which trigger wireframe verification before the operation is run. If you wish, you can automatically fill the strings as part of the operation, using the Fill Strings check box.

The boundary divides a string, to assist in creating a split wireframe; this command is designed to make it easy to link multiple strings to one other string to create a bifurcated or split wireframe model, as is often required in geological modelling.