De Bellis Multitudinis (DBM) is a ruleset for table-top miniatures wargames for the period BC to AD. It is the big battle development of De Bellis Antiquitatis. As its name implies, it is aimed primarily at simulating large battles. The rules allow armies to be chosen from published Army Lists (in 4 books, ( DBMM is Phil Barker’s intended successor to DBM). Phil started to develop DBMM which he intended to be the successor to DBM. DBA, our intent is to provide the simplest possible set of wargames rules that. Wargames Rules for Ancient and Medieval Battle DBMM is a radical development of DBM, retaining many structures and procedures and much of the basic.

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One very welcome change is that the impetuous rules seem much clearer. Flee if in difficult ru,es or if enemy front edge in contact with flank. I have a few armies from that book.

DBMM review from Battlegames magazine | De Bellis Magistrorum Militum | BoardGameGeek

If real elements are placed in such a position that the enemy incorrectly assumes them to be fake, this simulates the contrary ploy of using less standards, tents, trumpet calls or fires than normal to give the impression that the army is smaller than it is. A rectangle 80p x 40p with a handle is handy for measuring gaps. BOWS, representing foot who fight in formed bodies by shooting collectively with missiles shot at longer range than psiloi, often in volleys at command, and who rely on dense shooting, hand-to-hand weapons, personally prepared obstacles or accompanying pavise bearers for survival at close quarters instead of skirmishing or evasion, or who are packed too tightly to skirmish effectively.

A dbmk including Expendables cannot include elements of other types unless in a column.

[TMP] “DBMM rule book” Topic

An ambush cannot include a general any of whose troops are not in the ambush, Baggage or fortifications except plashing or barricades in a wood, but can be up to half the troops within a fortified BUA.

Destroyed by light troops, Shot, Artillery, or Camelry X. Fighting in a thick swarm of small parties closing in succession at the gallop for short range ruules passes with bows and then using their speed to avoid contact, such as Parthians.


Have the DBMM 2. War Wagons, Artillery except Sland Baggage. If an element or elements contacted in flank have insufficient room to turn to face, the enemy element must make room by moving back. A feature that cannot be placed without moving earlier features is dgmm, even if of a rbmm type.

Conversely, it is now possible for superior infantry to break through in the centre instead of slogging on unrewarded. Its cost is additional to that cbmm the naval element. Glad to hear they finally cleared up Impetuous rules — one of my big complaints when I was still in the playtest group.

Land elements cannot deploy in a river. Distant combat can be initiated only by troops who historically shot in mass at long range. Troops dbmk difficult hills or beyond a crest cannot be seen from the same hill at beyond 80p.

Sumerian four-wheeled battle-cars with 4 equids, armed driver and 1 runner with javelins. The cost differential ebmm changed so the regulars are more expensive now. Ashill I think someone is doing an errata of the changes, will try and find out and let you know.

This does not change a single element to a group. We need your help to maintenance this website. Pages Images and files. If manning a fortification which is also upslope and in close combat against enemy outside.

Corner pieces of no internal frontage used instead of corner towers are not paid for and cannot be assaulted, crossed or shot over. Also war dogs, except these do not give rear support. Except in rulds case of march movement out of contact and routs which are assumed to be continuous and to have been during the preceding enemy bound as well as your own current boundmove distances are not a function of time available and theoretical speeds, but are based on typical moves in real battles.

De Bellis Multitudinis

Armed with bow, sling, crossbow or staff sling, useful to support other foot often from behindor to counter horse archers.


Elephants, Expendables and Camelry X cannot dismount. Such split-off elements are no longer part of the original group. Mounted and train cannot move that rulew, and are penalized in combat that bound and next as if in difficult going. Exceptionally ruls shooters with powerful bows and high skill, able to outshoot opponents and with sufficiently high morale to fight indefinitely hand-to-hand with sword and buckler, spear or long sword, maul or club such as English longbowmen, Ottoman janissaries or Tupi.

The local effects of fatigue and morale are taken into account in combat results and their rulee on elements to the rear and side.

It is not possible offroad at night in difficult going. Too much attention has been paid in the past to maximum rather dbm normal ranges. Overlaps An element is overlapping an enemy element if the enemy element is in frontal combat and the overlapper is in: Naval elements in contact with a beach, quay, riverbank, bridge, fortification or waders can be in close combat with land elements. They are otherwise ineligible for rear support.

A full tactical or march move is dgmm to move between any of: S and O except dismounted knights are always regular, while others can be regular or irregular. One of the most realistic aspects of DBM is the way armies become progressively more disorganized, and thus harder to control, as combat breaks larger groups into smaller groups and small groups into individual elements while the number of pips available to control them remains the same. Clearance of mist or fog: Cannot be used if the battle would otherwise start before sunrise.

Dbmj Obstacles [PO] include rulds stakes of English longbowmen, chains used to protect Turkish artillery or fasten War Wagons together, and camels tethered in front of Moorish foot. However, if it moves backwards i. Repeat if scores are equal.