Belgian philosopher and university teacher (). Merleau-Ponty and the Philosophical Position of d Flynn – – In Robert Vallier, Wayne Jeffrey Froman & Bernard Flynn (eds.). Par Alphonse de Waelhens. Bibliothèque de Psychologie clinique Psychanalyse Phénoménologie, dirigé par Jacques Schotte. Louvain-Paris, Nauwelaerts.

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It is a law which has no need of any symbolic support, and which only depends on the arbitrary choice of the one who plays. That there is a distance between language and its referent can be seen by the fact that different authors give a different interpretation of a language event.

Equally important, both for itself and for its consequences, is the mutation imposed on the idea of time or temporality. We think that it is possible to isolate the following five structural characteristics of schizophrenia:.

Alphonse de Waelhens | Belgian philosopher |

Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Against the dangerous solutions to which a mother might be reduced by her totally dependent child, or waelhenx the experience of pregnancy, there is only a symbolic defense, i.

This difference between man-as-subject, and things has been stressed even to the point of exaggeration by the German idealists or the contemporary existentialists.

Waelhehs loving, the subject suddenly perceives through numerous and obvious signs that he is loved by this person, so that he then undertakes a love with a most absurd passion. From this point on, there is a choice between two possibilities.

This aggression is then turned about by the paranoiac into persecution undergone. These priorities must be understood as logical ones, that is, priorities which are always actual. Project for a Waeluens PsychologyS.

The subject will then have an incoherent and fragmented body-image, since certain parts of the body will be apprehended as purely and simply confused with one another as, for example, all the orifices of the body —whereas in a different deformation, certain other parts warlhens be excluded or projected into the external world like the patient who sees her eyes before her and sees only them. It is the step from objectifying language which considers man as a product of nature to a discourse whose essence, covertly or explicitly but immutably aims at signifying the world and man himself.


Expression is set up in Being; what precedes it is inexpressible. If the answer is negative, how can one then explain that the behavior of monkeys will soon become the legally valid signal for civil authority to order people to leave their homes in anticipation of an earthquake. Most significantly, all that can serve as a reminder that he is the fruit of a sexual union is denied.

The world is not transcendent either. What happens when the metaphor of the name-of-the-father is not achieved or fails whatever the reasons are for this failure, which waelhns know can be traced to each one of the authors of the drama separately, or on the contrary, to several of them, indeed to all of them?

These women neither recognize nor comprehend the law as such. One can easily see that such a disturbance, in the mind of saelhens mother—which one would better call a perversion—can have grave and pathological consequences for the future subject.

The second thesis is the identification of Dasein with discourse, which is strongly emphasized by Heidegger. Whereas, for the patient, if her being cut in pieces by the co-tenant or by her in-laws, is the signifier of a signified which is unknown to her i.

Alphonse De Waelhens

The constitution of the body-image as a Gestalt presupposes that a very specific reference system be available. But this approbation would be in bad faith since he knows quite well that it is wrong to renounce a girl that he loves because she is without dowry.

The expressive act which merges with the very appearance of the Dasein, separates the heavens, the earth, and the waters.

For sensibility, in the twofold sense of the term, will constitute what one might call the low ebb of consciousness, which thus becomes ill suited for a majestic and overpowering navigation, for which an empire of the seas is better suited. The delirium, waelhenss, far from being the mere confirmation of the disease, is already the beginning of a recovery.


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Hatred of death, embodied in the desire for terrestrial immortality, is in reality hatred of birth, just as the daelhens for perpetual birth reveals itself in reality to be a desire for death. She will view it as a simple physiological happening in which the embryo is considered as the cause or stimulator of organic activity.

This pact similarly consecrates my entry into negativity: Freud and Philosophyp. Such a real, however, is evidently imaginary and is deprived of any truly symbolic dimension. The human soul is supposed to be or to reside in a body part: If we speak of risk, then, it is only because certain authors [trans.

Alphonse De Waelhens, The Philosophical Position of Merleau-Ponty – PhilPapers

Referring to the works of Mme. For an instructive survey of the problems involved in ce area, see: The unconscious is not merely reducible to the dialectics of meaning or to the unavailabilities entailed by this dialectical interplay. Italics are mine W.

It re our very nature to be close to things. In reality, the patient assures us, he only leaves on the 6: Thus, in the example of De Waelhens one, has a metaphor of the second order: For the latter, the Presenceraised to the level of the absolute Spirit, must ultimately radically coincide—under the form of absolute knowledge—with what is present.

The patient eventually recognized the allusive character of her own words, but without successfully deciding whether the allusion was addressed to any of the co-tenants or to her absent mother. It serves to throw back into the imaginary real, in the form of a pseudo-speech by an other, an unspeakable signified, which thus finds itself ejected from her own unconscious: These traits are narcissism, transitivity, and aggressiveness.