Free Online Library: Stassen. Deogratias.(Brief article, Book review) by “Kliatt”; Business Publishing industry Library and information science Books Book. Stassen’s interweaving of the aftermath of the genocide and the events leading up to it Deogratias, a Hutu youth barely out of his teens, now appears as a. The winner of the Goscinny Prize for outstanding graphic novel script, this is the harrowing tale of the Tutsi genocide in Rwanda, as seen through the e.

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Julius – A leader in the Hutu militia called the ” interahamwa “. During the late 20th century, tensions between the Hutus and the Tutsis peaked in the African country of Rwanda and the Hutus slaughtered many of the Tutsis after the plane crash of the Hutu president.


The murder of Benina and Apollinaria getting eaten by dogs is gruesome and saddening and is too much for the younger audience eyes. I would encourage you not to let these factors prevent you from sharing this important perspective with high school students.

I absolutely loved the drawings, with their thick black contours, the colors and the style. The Transatlantic Slave Trade.

Stassen brings the story of this unimaginable event to his readers in an extremely unique and creative way. The lesson should include clarity on the larger scale everlasting effects of the genocide. This is a man who can only calm his mind, which is being tortured by images of the past, when he is drinking banana beer.

Deogratias, A Tale of Rwanda

A smiling white man hails him, inviting him to sit and drink. Click here to learn more about this month’s sponsor! More minor characters include Augustine, a man of the Twa ethnic group, and Bosco, a Rwandan Patriotic Front officer who deograias become a drunk after his work to help stop the genocide. The people in the village treat him like a pet, a dirty stray dog.


Jan 13, Alice rated it it was amazing Shelves: Published May 2nd by First Second first published January 1st People you would have classed as good or even saintly acted horribly. More a tiny slice of life and war than anything?

Jean-Philippe Stassen

Interesting perspective of the Rwandan genocide. The Best Books of The juxtaposition of past and present seemed less than ideal, and the lack of depth to the plot and the characters left me feeling as if I had just scratched the surface of the story. Siegel provides a concise explanation of where the concept of Hutus and Tutsis originated and how it has been manipulated by external forces over the years.

Through a blend of the past and present, this narrative depicts, if not for the Rwandan genocide’s toll, not an incredibly unique coming of age process for a young man in many parts of Africa.

I think stqssen would be difficult to read for someone who didn’t already know some of the history behind it. Deogrtaias reviews that mention graphic novel banana beer history lesson language and sexual rwandan genocide local banana ethnic group tale of rwanda young boy genocide in rwanda deogratias tale stassen tutsi hutu happened powerful benina dogs events french.

I am deogratiaz a dog.

Nov 10, Lil Jen rated it really liked it. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Torturers are great at empathy—they deogeatias exactly how to make you hurt most. Rwanda, genocide, told through a very complex lens, a graphic novel, beautiful and agonizing, not for kids…maybe.

Unethical Empathy: A Case for J.P. Stassen’s Deogratias « The Hooded Utilitarian

Venetia – A Tutsi women and mother of Benina and Apollinaria. Occasional stray references during the course of the comic suggest he may have been complicit, but at those moments, he retreats into happy memories. In this moment, we are both visually identified with the culprit and are shown an image from the genocide itself—one considerably more extreme than we saw during those months in This graphic novel haunted me for several days after I finished it.


People are mutilated with machetes, and women and girls are brutally raped in unimaginable ways, however, the images in this graphic novel does not reflect those sorts of images. The characters who speak in the pre-genocide era have relatively normal lives and normal concerns.

I also wish that this particular story wasn’t told i Even though it grates against my bibliophilic tendencies I am looking for ways to incorporate graphic novels into education and had hoped that this one about the Rwandan genocide could be a possibility, but I’m not so sure.

Mar 29, Eileen Kinnane rated it really liked it. He is known to have had an affair with Venitia, and also is Appollinaria’s father. This way, westerners who did not have the chance to familiarize themselves with those events can learn a lot from this small book.

The flashbacks give you part of the story bit by bit, and you have to puzzle everything together. He is just figuring out what it means to be a man, and wrestling with the feelings he harbors toward two sisters, Apollinaria and Benina.