Julie Kenner is a USA Today bestselling American author of romance and fantasy novels. She also writes with the pen names J.K. Beck and J. Kenner. In (Sub)urban and Urban Fantasy series by NYT bestselling author @juliekenner. Demon-Hunting soccer moms & kick-ass women fighting the apocalypse!. Currently reading the Stark Series by J. Kenner.. I just bought book 1 of the # starkseries by j kenner. @juliekenner can’t believe I forgot about this.

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At least I just didn’t get that feeling at all.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Nikki is quite persistent that she doesn’t want anything to do with Damien even though there is this amazing sexual chemistry of course I’m a big fan of dirty talk in books, and seriously? And I could not really believe their immediate attraction or how obssessed were Damien and Nikki with each other right from the very beginning.

I didn’t hate it. I ask you, why is it that whenever a few spankings, control, and light bondage is involved, all of a sudden the hero is kinky? One of the main differences happen to be that both blow that little book out of the water. View all 19 comments. I’m going to tease you. D So anyway, she accepts even though she’d never done a kinky thing in her life, and doesn’t date anymore, but I guess Damien’s attraction is enormous: Nikki’s inner dialogue reminded me so much of the Fifty series, with a lot of “Oh, my!


La Saqueadora de Libros: TrilogĂ­a Stark de J. Kenner

That was fucking amazing. That’s all for now. Nikki Fairchild They met at a party and from the moment they laid their eyes on each other, an intense connection has been made.

Kenner has also won a number of awards. And yeap just to draws deeper and entice us there is also a nude portrait and a million dollars They had a moment.

View all 25 comments.

But that is just what the world knows about him because guess what? View all 30 comments. The story is passionate and sensual. Not just any investor though a seriously wealthy and sexy one that Nikki happens to know. They share some pretty intensely sensual scenes and these are fabulously written with an anticipation that builds and certainly hits all the right buttons.

So he likes to be called Sir during sex. If Nikki wants to be with Damien, she will have no other choice than open up to him.

Julie Kenner

She doesn’t date very much bad experiencesisn’t into kink, but jumps right into the ownership without knowing Damian at all. They immediately start circling and sniffing each other like dogs in heat, spewi DNF. This happens very rarely to me, but Desatake found myself skipping through not only a lot of the book, but the sex scenes as well. With their togetherness they develop feelings and with these feelings they form a relationship.


Confused, and a little embarrassed by her actions, Nikki finally decides that she is glad their encounter doesn’t go any further, since she may have to work with him in the future. They lay bare in front of each other, vulnerable and equals.

Release Me

D She’s not very understanding as a character and in almost every tricky situation she manages to form a totally wrong conclusion and fight with whoever she thinks did something wrong. Here we go again. Compelling and captivating characters! And the little surprises and notes were very convincing. View all 37 comments. He doesn’t have to wait for things Although there’s nothing really new. He is willing to do almost anything and everything just to own her I loved how he saw her thru his eyes.

But the more time we spend together, the more I want her back.

The book felt formulaic: She softens the hard edges of his heart just enough for you to really feel the depth of his feelings for her. It syncs automatically with your account and allows you to read online or offline wherever you are. What’s up with that?