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Walk over to the X-ray near the sinks and turn the light box on then examine it to see “Sarah 19” wrote on the X-ray. When a choice of two paths can be chosen, take the right path since the door down the left path cannot be opened.

This section contains many spoilers, obviously. There’s not really too much I can say except follow the map. On detknado set of shelves to the left while walking to the middle of the Laundry in Otherworld Clipboard File Area: I had to do it. All the enemies should be avoided since there is no reason to fight them.

Each shot takes off quite a bit of damage and then you can add in the fact that this is a rapid fire weapon – with orgiins combination the damage dealt increases dramatically. This marks the fourth time I have wrote a guide for my favorite genre horror. That fire last night, the girl who was burned? Unlock the door then leave this room and climb back up the East Staircase.

For the UFO Ending, you must have gotten the room key from up the stairs across from the hospital’s entrance on your next game before going to the motel. Another Hammer will be lying on a stack of covered lumber right before reaching the exit.

If you are confident on your current ammo then go ahead and shoot anything that gets in your way. The first voice is a slight whisper and the second voice is louder but still a whisper. Why did ya leave her? Exit the room by stepping into the Diner next door.


This magnum takes off the most damage per shot, but the ammo is rare. You were the one who saved her? He doesn’t have that much life at all. Examine the mailbox on the wall and see that apart. The door to the Women’s Restroom is locked from the other pw2. Go back detonwdo the stairs and go all the way back down to the basement, when you get to the basement go left and run all the way down that long hall and you will come to a door, go through door and go left to the “East Pipe Room” Hmm I was guessing that the key that went down the drain would come her but I guess I was wrong, ill have to re-check this in nightmare.

Be sure to find all the items lying origina on the way there.

Silent Hill Origins – Walkthrough/guide

The Straight-jackets are exactly like the boss you just fought, and they’re just as vicious. Travis will start at the front counter once the cutscene is over. Run back down the outside hall and open the door to the Men’s Dressing Room. Look at the wall near the entrance door to see “Lucy 23” wrote on the wall in blood.

On the wall to the left once Travis crawls through the long tunnel. There is a Health Drink and a Wrench on the west side near a waste can.

Silent Hill: Origins Cheats, Codes, and Secrets for PlayStation 2 – GameFAQs

On the wall beside the door to the first floor in silfnt East Staircase area. She does not know what she is doing. Exit the Butcher Shop through the back door. The door has a slit in the middle of it. Keep in mind that Travis will always turn his head to look at an item while next to one if an item is nearby.


Notice how the silnet trail leads to the Kitchen. Exit out the back side of the General Store Get to the Riverside Motel gate in the west and open the gate to enter Run over to the Public Records Office a little ways up the street on the south side and enter it.

Contained, his power will focus yours. Now use the mirror. I don’t know her name. Alessa appears from behind Travis as he steps to the side and stares at Travis Travis: We need to begin this now! Count the number of shots while shooting and be sure to reload from the inventory menu often. The figure turns its back revealing no face and Travis jumps back Travis: A symbol will appear then the flames will disappear in two areas.

The door was open, so I let myself in.

Silent Hill Origins – Walkthrough

Travis begins to sink further into unconsciousness while on the ground Alessa: Don’t worry, nothing will pop out and scare you The star emblem door at the end has the following inscription: Try to fire at it right after running to the side to dodge its lunge attack since it will be stunned for a brief period of time after the lunge attack.

Lying on a stack of lumber after turning to the left after the fixed camera angle Napkin Area: Alessa stands and looks over her physical form. Right before getting to the intersection of Toluca and Borden, check the hood of the car to the north ‘Magpie’ Note Area: Pull the middle lever on the left and the bottom lever on the right on the controls to make the cave scenery pop up.

Travis looks toward Lisa Nurse: A cutscene will play once Travis steps outside.