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Milena Pugnaloni, Roberto Federiconi. A computer program designed to compare the spatial elements of handwriting.


Valentina Garrote y Antonio Forte. The present result confirms that this study will be docjmentologia useful in forensic document examination work in the legal cases, where the authenticity of the document is challenged.

On the question of expertise, results showed that FDEs were statistically better than the control group at accurately determining the genuineness or non-genuineness of questioned signatures.

Sixty writers were asked to write their own signatures and to forge model signatures representing three different writing styles: Whilst many investigations have focused on the static and dynamic indications of known or spurious behaviour in handwriting, little empirical research is available regarding the identification of such writings through the analysis and comparison of non-visible, intra-signature, kinematic parameters.

Signature examination pilot study. Furthermore, the visualised representation of the non-visible, intra-signature segments documentooogia an overall gross pictorial disparity between the known and simulated signatures, which may be of use during first pass authenticity examinations.

The FDE group gave significantly more inconclusive opinions than the control group.

Documentología forense by Ernesto Meza on Prezi

Significantly inferior handwriting performance among children with HFASD was found in both handwriting process and product measures. The critics of pattern evidence have described how opinions may be unintentionally incorrectly formed and how bodies of evidential information might conspire to form cases where the sum of the totality of the evidence may be significantly more than its specialist parts.


With the introduction of computer aided examinations, more information should become available to the examiner on which to base subjective decisions.

Changes with condition for the other parameters were similar for the three styles. In addition, the program can be used for any forensic research project requiring objective spatial data. A total of opinions were expressed of which were correct, misleading and were inconclusive.

ABSTRACT Many forensic document examiners are hesitant to express authorship opinions on photocopied handwriting as the photocopying process results in less feature information than original writing. Australian Journal of Forensic Sciencesforese 6pp. Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders23, pp.

Ongoing monitoring of EPS is likely to improve treatment outcome or compliance and reduce the frequency of re-hospitalization. Schwid and Hans-Leo Teulings.

Copy of Grafología y documentología forense by Andrea Cely on Prezi

Emli-Mari Nel, Johan A. Nonadherence to the isochrony principle in forged signatures.

Writings of a person with dissociative identityt disorder — A longitudinal and a kinematic study. Different pen ink types, different times separating the application of the two ink lines and different paper substrates were documentollogia. Subjects evaluated 32 questioned signatures 16 genuine, eight disguised, and eight forged which were compared, on screen, with four known signatures of the specimen provider while their eye movements, response times, and opinions were recorded.


En ocasiones los documentos se alteran o modifican, en ocasiones por mero desarrollo del documento o debido a causas fraudulentas. Australian Journal of Forensic Sciences44 2pp. Forensic Science International, pp. Since many of documnetologia forensic disciplines dealing with pattern evidence have historically evolved outside of the mainstream academic sciences, report writing styles can bear little similarity to traditional scientific report writing norms.

Aunque la concordancia no es lo suficiente, causa problemas a la hora de discriminar la escritura de cada uno de los gemelos.

Discriminating power was calculated on the basis of qualitative features as well, and it is found that the discrimination of paper samples was better achieved by Chemometrics analysis rather than qualitative features. Journal of Forensic Sciences51 6 This paper outlines a proposal from representatives of both the academic sciences and the academic legal community and aims for a transparent approach to report writing in the pattern evidence disciplines.


The discriminating power by Chemometrics is In this phase each signature was presented for only msec to test if eye movements are relevant in forming opinions; performance significantly dropped, but not to chance levels indicating that the examination process comprises a combination of both global and local feature extraction strategies. ABSTRACT The comparison of questioned and standard line traces in forensic handwriting examination has to date been based almost entirely on subjective techniques.

The remainder cases were not as clear due to the uneven distribution of inks and the empty spaces similar to a net-like pattern observed at the crossing. The FDE group made errors by calling a genuine signature simulated or by calling a simulated signature genuine in 3.

Results indicated documentllogia regardless of the style of the writer, genuine signatures were associated with low slope coefficients Pen strokes forming forged signatures had significantly greater duration-amplitude slope coefficients than genuine signatures. Although this study provided useful insights regarding crossing ink lines, future statistic studies may be helpful for more objective examinations.

Risperidone-treated participants exhibited lower movement velocities during production of simple loops compared to unmedicated patients. Characterization is achieved by matching the peaks with standards of cellulose and inorganic fillers, a usual constituents of paper.

One such principle is the isochrony principle, which states that the duration of voluntary movement remains approximately constant across a range of movement distances; that docjmentologia, movement duration is independent of movement extent. It is thought froense the immediate application for this technique in the forensic casework environment is for the comparison of disputed signatures.