DSE. Pin TSSOP. DSEN Pin TSSOP (Industrial). PIN ASSIGNMENT. DS Serial Alarm Real Time Clock (RTC) VCC2. 1. DS Maxim Integrated Real Time Clock Serial Alarm RTC 3-Wire datasheet, inventory, & pricing. Maxim Integrated DS+: available from 18 distributors. Explore Integrated Circuits (ICs) on Octopart: the fastest source for datasheets, pricing, specs.

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Vcc 2 w'” Power the DS Serial interface SPI or standard 3-wire interface. From a quick overlook of the code I’d guess datasbeet changing the defines: On initial application of power, this bit will be set to a logic 1. If the corresponding alarm interrupt enable bit is enabled, an interrupt output is activated.

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Configuration 2 illustrates the DS being backed up by a rechargeable energy source. When this bit is set to a logic 1, the oscillator is stopped and the DS is placed into a low-power standby mode with a current drain of less than nA when power is supplied by VBAT or VCC2. If not used, VBAT must be connect to ground.

Each alarmtrickle charge characteristics of the DS Illogical time and date entries result in undefined operation. Time registers are read from address 0x00 through 0x08, and written from address 0x80 through 0x When high, the write protect bit prevents a write operation to any register, including bits 0, 1, 2, and 7 of the control register.


Configuration 1 shows the DS being backed up by a nonrechargeable energy source such as a lithium battery. UL recognized to ensure against reverse charging current when used in conjunction with a lithium battery.

The software is. The INT1 pin is an active-low output of the DS that can be used as an interrupt input to a processor.

Features Real-time clock counts seconds, xs1305, hours, date, month, day, year, and leap year to byte, battery-backed, nonvolatile NV RAM for data storage Two time of day Alarms Serial interface SPI or standard 3-wire interface Dual-power supply pins for primary and backup power supplies Optional trickle charge output to Backup Supply Underwriters Laboratory UL Recognized. For more information on crystal selection and crystal layout considerations, refer to Application Note The INT1 pin can be programmed to be asserted by Alarm 1 only.

When a match occurs, the corresponding alarm flag bit in the status register is set to a 1. Values that correspond to the day of week are user-defined but must be sequential e. Two program m catasheet tim e of day alarm s are provided by the DS The DS does not write protect itself. The contents of the time, calendar, and alarm registers are in the BCD format.

The INT1 pin is an open-drain output and requires an external pullup resistor. The INT1 pin remains low as long as the status bit causing the interrupt is present and the corresponding interrupt enable bit is set.

Dallas Semiconductor – datasheet pdf

Thanks for looking at the code and replying. Each alarm can generate an interrupt on a programmable combinationcontrols the trickle charge characteristics of the DS Each alarm can generate an interruptof xatasheet DS After the address, one or more data bytes can be written or read.


Interface Logic Datashdet Input. When the INTCN bit is set to a logic 1, a match between the timekeeping registers and the Alarm 0 registers activates the INT0 pin provided that the alarm is enabled and a match between the timekeeping registers and the Alarm 1 registers activate the INT1 pin provided that the alarm is enabled. The simplified schematic of Figure 4 shows datasneet basic components of the trickletypicalVCC1 will power the DS W hen V qq – is less than V qq2, V qq2 will.

DS1305 Datasheet PDF

Active-Low Interrupt 1 Output. Diodes must not be placed in series between VBAT and the battery, or improper operation will result.

This is the secondary power supply pin. The two libraries that could be combined to get what I need is linked here: When VCC1 is less than. Write protection and clock halt enable ds305 are bit 6 and 7 respectively in the control register.

The DS offers dual-power supplies as well as a battery input pin. This pin has an internal 55k? Eachcharacteristics of the DS Ground Serial Interface Mode. Has someone implemented this already, and Da1305 just couldn’t find it?