Consilience has ratings and reviews. Manny said: At first, I wasn’t sure I liked Consilience. E.O. Wilson is frank about his disdain for philos. “A dazzling journey across the sciences and humanities in search of deep laws to unite them.” –The Wall Street Journal One of our greatest. Wilson was excoriated for his knowledge claims, for his logic, for his intentions, and for his conclusions. Consilience was truly judged to be a.

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His point is not, as some critics howl, to make each body of knowledge reducible to the more empirical discipline beneath, but rather to consider an aesthetic vision of human knowledge as unified, coherent from its loftiest theoretical heights to its foundation in the universal laws of nature.

Also, item, another tree just like the one that I can see from here, and another me to look at it. For Wilson, the great moral commandment stems from evolution.

consillience But some of these roles for science are far more plausible than others. That in my opinion is the whole story. The Unity of Knowledge Edward O.

Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge

We are as we are because we have evolved, and this evolution was upwardly progressive thus giving us and the rest of nature its value. It follows consolience all natural phenomena can ultimately be explained and perhaps altered by qilson inquiry. The sections concerned with science are obviously more interesting and better written and his arguments are clearly more at home in the realm of the quantifiable.

Sure enough he had a lame excuse for a beard, and deliberately mussed-up hair atop his excessively squinty facial constitution; fucking college kids. But this incapacity, Wilson thinks, is beside the point. They feel that Wilson has given much to their lives, and that this is a book which is the culmination of his gifts to others. Of course, he attempts to sound somewhat snarky – the part which basically makes no sense to me – telling me that he is looking for an introduction.



Just because one can point to several legitimate scientific questions about subjectivity doesn’t mean that these are the only legitimate questions. As an evolutionary biologist, I find it hard to see how something like the mysterian view cannot be true. Using the natural sciences as his model, Wilson forges dramatic links between fields.

But the force of this point is completely unclear. Moreover, never a man to let a problem or an obstacle deter him, having lost the supports of Christianity, he is determined to find religious supports elsewhere.

Oxford University Press, Although Wilson seems to think there is a possibility of free will, given sociobiology, he gets it less from the compatibility of laws and freedom, and more from a form of indeterminacy which he sees in nature. K course there will be many incensed reviews, given all the toes he steps on through the course of the book.

Consilience (book) – Wikipedia

First, there was the review of Consilience in Science: He died in November Rather, conjoining the experimental and theoretical armamentarium of several sciences allows consiliencce and systematisations of phenomena that none of them is able to handle on its own. As a science fan, I really enjoyed his clear-eyed appraisal of why science has been successful in doing what it does, but even a more poetically-inclined person will like his appreciation for the arts, his elegant writing, and his graceful and generous demeanor.

All knowledge–from the humanities through the social sciences to the natural sciences–can be unified. Snow’s tract, The Two Cultures and the Scientific Revolutionwhich described the gulf separating the humanities and the sciences. I alienated people, I talked about James Joyce a lot.

Review of E.O. Wilson’s “Consilience” | Metanexus

He sees evolution as a progressive move upwards: There is another defining character of consilience: It seems to me absolutely stupid — and hypocritical to boot — to suggest that males and females are as emotionally identical as they are physically different. Three particular problems wklson to beset Wilson’s vision of the unity of knowledge: I don’t agree with the overall thesis, nor do Wiilson agree with the way the arguement is made. Wilson was born in Birmingham, Alabama in The stars given are not a judgement on the writer’s erudition and intentions at all, but show my inability and the lack of enjoyment as a reader to grasp everything the writer was trying t I have been fascinated by the idea of a convergence of different schools of thoughts into a single whole.


Jan 07, Miles rated it really liked it. The positivists believed that by formalizing scientific language and by following a few formulaic guidelines cohsilience.

I would not go after him in all the ways that others would, but I suspect that each and every one of us could find a place to criticize. Much of Wilson’s book consists of such superficially attractive–but ultimately just superficial-philosophical talk. Consiilience will be democratic, weakening the clash of rival religions and ideologies.

The genetically inherited traits are not memes, not units of culture, but rather the propensity to invent and transmit certain kinds of these elements of memory in preference to others.

But accomplished scientist and human nature theorist E.

Though some opponents may jeer and indicate simplifications as he draws wilsom thread through their expertise, Wilson’s contribution is an awkward step towards an ideal of common goals among all inquirers of nature and mind, utopian surely, but at least his work supplies an unreachable point to which we can aspire.

So this is my second reading by this author and “Consilience” not dissappoints me.