You prefer to fight alone. Effect: You gain no benefit from flanking a foe and instead suffer a -4 penalty on attack rolls made against a foe you. Realms Helps Aberrant Paragon Prestige Class. Aberrant Paragon – Eberron Prestige Class. This Prestige class uses elements that may not be applicable to. Hi, I was wondering if anyone here knows where I can get information on the Changling Paragon class? I know there used to be a page on.

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They established successful societies, learning druidic secrets from the black dragon Vvaraak while the goblinoid races built a mighty empire, some 16, years ago.

[4e Eberron, Paragon] The Blackwings

Enhanced magic related to levitation in Sharn makes for magnificent architecture such as the Skyway. Siberys shards fall from the Ring of Siberys that encircles Eberron. One well-known example of such a cleric is the de facto ruler of ThraneHigh Cardinal Krozen, who is lawful evil. He commanded The Blackwing, an elemental airship that he, ahem, “borrowed” from Zilargo to this day, Zilargo maintains a reward for the return of The Blackwing roughly equal to the ship’s weight in platinum and took it to Xen’drik.

Beasthide shifters can increase their natural Armor Class, making them harder to damage, while gaining a bonus to Constitution and therefore extra Hit Points, making them harder to bring down. Learn more about Amazon Prime. He soon gained a reputation for being almost fearless, pulling death-defying stunts and laughing in the face of death. Each arm ends in a pincer. Brilliant in a fight and he knows it. Like most gods of Eberron, the Dark Six do not have any direct influence in the world, and there is no conclusive evidence that they even exist.


Backed by yuan-ti, naga, lizardfolk and rogue dragonborn, the odds were once again overwhelming. A dolgrim resembles a grey-colored goblin with two mouths, one above the other, and four arms, and generally carry a large assortment of different weapons in these arms.

They are commonly known as bloodstones.

Aerenal is heavily forested, and many exotic plants grow there, such as the soarwood tree, whose wood is used eberroj build airship hulls, and the necromatically charged Covadish plant. Too bad that wasn’t going to last. Sorry, but I’m not going to allow any homebrew material.

History of the Blackwings. Wizards of the Coast. The Host’s favored weapon is the longsword. They ebefron handsome humans bearing armor and weapons made from chitin and raw muscle.

Solitary Paragon – Eberron Unlimited

Other nations of Sarlona include the heavily fortified and isolated land of Adar a refuge for those who oppose the Inspiredthe frozen Tashana Tundra and the land of Syrkarn. The Dragonmarked Houses are thirteen extended families which control most business throughout Khorvaire.

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. A cleric may be punished by the church for violating the tenets of the faith, but alignment doesn’t affect any class abilities. The other two main continents are Sarlona a continent ruled by quoricreatures from the Region of Dreams and Argonnessen a continent inhabited by dragons.

Within the houses, only a small percentage of every generation manifest dragonmarks, which are marks on the body that grant spell-like abilities to those born ebeerron them. According to Gatekeeper legend, Dyrrn the Corruptor is the mightiest daelkyr.

Familiars by Artifice

There are believed to be at least six daelkyr trapped beneath Eberron in the depths of Khyber Eberron’s equivalent to the Underdark. Recently some of the Dhakaani clans have begun to vie for control of Darguun with another goblinoid clan that currently holds control of that territory, the Ghaal’dar clan, which have wrestled the territory of Darguun from Cyre during the Last War.



These types of marks must be taken in order. Before the orc and hobgoblin druids known as paraagon Gatekeepers managed to end the planes’ alignment, the mind flayers and lesser minions of the daelkyr had decimated the hobgoblin empire of Dhakaan. Nov 11, Joaquin Kyle rated it really liked it.

When the mortal creatures of Eberron dream, they project their minds to Dal Quor. All Quori have bizarre forms that are a nightmarish cross between a worminsectcrustacean and humanoid.

They are sometimes known fberron nightshards or demonstones. He stood there looking down at me, triumph in his eyes; his crows-feet highlighted by the sberron of his grin. The rush from the attack and the scent of my own blood scent me over the edge and my bestial side took hold.

Siberys shards fall from the Ring of Siberys that encircles Eberron. Reposting previous bits with the added stuff so it’s sberron in one place. Argonnessen is the continent of dragonsoccupying the southeastern part of the world. Dragonshards can be crafted to power paragob itemsartifacts and constructs, or to augment dragonmark abilities. The resulting proliferation of Siberys shard items range from devices focused on enhancing the power of a specific mark to generalized tools that work for anyone who bears a dragonmark.