Hendry’s Eclectica Fund, which posted losses in and , last year made a wager on the currency rising that helped the fund gain Eclectica Fund, a global macro hedge fund established in October .. Mar. Apr. May. Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec Year. Eclectica Asset Management LLP is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority / Private & Confidential. 2 Hugh Hendry, April

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So the physical developments in the western steel markets should raise some concern.

For a current pension scheme the greatest torment would be a repeat of last year’s final quarter when 30 year Treasuries yielded just 2. This page was last edited on 11 Novemberat All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from November Articles with permanently dead external links Articles with dead external links from November Use dmy dates from February EngvarB from February Surely the governments’ interventions this year have remedied the economy? This zero-hour for America has perhaps arrived sooner than many had anticipated.

Misbehaviour is all about curiosity, how you invoke and think about change, which is very necessary in the management of money. They behave like D. And remember that investments in fixed capital formation think new aluminium plants et al.

The ability of fractional reserve banking to leverage this liquidity many times over provided the monetary mo-jo to instigate ever higher commodity prices. InvestorsInsight may or may not have investments in any funds, programs or companies cited above. However, output only troughed at its level; a twenty year retracement that is a far cry from our 70 year retracement.


Sure, but have you ever bought a cup of coffee with an accounting identity?

In a debate I had with Mr. But instead, in exercising good ol’ Texan tradition, they have opted, like the Hunt brothers did, to double up. Retrieved from ” https: I am sure I need not remind you that gold, along with just about every other commodity, has at least quadrupled in price since Is it not time we drop our fascination with the present and consider the future?

Hugh Hendry

Do not forget that the US does not share the distinction of the British or Australian housing markets. He claimed that he was hired only because investors had instructed the company to recruit more working-class employees. Eclectica Asset Management was founded in [9] when Hendry and his colleague Simon Batten purchased the management contract of the Eclectica Fund from Odey to establish themselves as a stand-alone fund manager.

He began to attract attention when his fund achieved a Blog Subscription Form Email Notifications.

In other words, hard money was in tight supply and the recovery was neither swift nor decisive. And so the Chinese are colonising the African continent in the pursuit of commodities and the Indian government has just agreed to buy tons of the IMF’s gold hoard. And yet, they blithely run the risk of ruination. Along similar lines, the German government does not anticipate its economy exceeding its previous GDP high until Almost half of the fund is invested in emerging market equities, commodities, real-estate, private equity and junk bonds.


And yet it is as though the other surplus countries are behaving like Bernie’s former investors who, believing in the stated NAV and its promise of more of the same i. Do speculators really want this to happen? Pierre Corneille Polyeucte, Do not forget that the US does not share the distinction of the British or Australian housing markets. And again, the Japan experience lends support.

Hugh Hendry – Wikipedia

America’s trading partners have come to rely upon the bounty of dollars necessary to recycle their trade surpluses and thus finance their growing prosperity. Monetary inflation has been the distinguishing feature of the last ten years, and it is now firmly embedded in the contemporary mind. Of course, they are not alone. But the spell cast by a contemporary cult is hard to resist. The US produced a small surplus back in the recession, so why not again?

Hugh Hendry Full Eclectica Letter on China’s Impending Collapse

Perhaps, it is better that we buy those Treasury put options after all? But clearly the consequences for corporate profitability are very poor.

Home” [ permanent dead link ]Eclectica Asset Management website. It is almost as if the world’s greatest speculators are agitating for their own demise. The Yellow Apdil Road Consider another economy needing to be rebuilt: The subsequent reconstruction of modern China, though, intervened.

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