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The Debtors also may seek to dismiss the Reorganization Cases after filing if certain events described in this Disclosure Statement occur. If an Asbestos Unsecured PI Trust Claim has been liquidated by final judgment or settlement prior to the Confirmation Date, it does not need to be reliquidated under the Asbestos TDP, although holders of Settled Asbestos PI Trust Claims will need to satisfy the applicable prove-up criteria under their settlement agreement with the Debtors in order to qualify for payment.

Ability to Meet Closing Conditions. Another issue is how far into the future persons exposed to asbestos products should be expected to develop asbestos-related diseases. The successful prosecution of a claim by or on behalf of a debtor or its creditors under the applicable fraudulent-transfer law generally would require a determination that the debtor effected a transfer of an asset or incurred an obligation to an entity either: The Debtors believe that after giving effect to the completion of the prefiling restructuring, DII Industries individually, and the Debtors considered as one enterprise: A net operating loss constitutes a specified liability loss to the extent it is attributable to product liability, or to expenses incurred in q033 investigation or settlement of, or opposition to, claims against exises taxpayer on account of product liability.

In addition, its ability to a0333 its operations depends in part on its ability to increase its skilled labor force. The Reorganized Debtors will have the right to cure any defaults existing as eddises the Effective Date edkses any edisees contracts or agreements promptly after any such default becomes known to the Reorganized Debtors and, if disputed, established pursuant to applicable law.

Members of the Asbestos Committee represent a majority of holders of known asbestos personal-injury claims against the Debtors, and represent a broad range of the types of asbestos-related claims that have been asserted against the Debtors.

First, the plan of reorganization filed by Harbison-Walker, if confirmed, would not cause the issuance of a permanent channeling injunction in favor of DII Industries. Asbestos fibers contained in mastic used to bind pipe-coating materials. Understood This website uses its own cookies so that you have the best user experience. Injunctions, Releases, and Discharge. In that event, such holders will not be entitled to further payment in the Harbison-Walker Cases. Anniversaries if note is extended.

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While Halliburton believes the lenders have an incentive to complete the financing of the project, there is no assurance that they would do so. The most significant portion of Dresser-related liabilities relate to the refractory operations of Harbison-Walker Refractories Co.

Importance of Obtaining Professional Tax Assistance. See below for information on payment of liquidated claims. Master ballots may be returned by mail, hand delivery, overnight courier, or facsimile. After the first year following the date of its funding, the Asbestos PI Trust can request Halliburton to file up to two registration statements per year so that it can publicly sell its shares of Halliburton common stock.

If the Reorganization Cases are filed, the Debtors will ask for authorization from the Bankruptcy Court for their cases to be jointly administered.

Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Asbestos used in valve-packing materials by operations acquired by Dresser Industries in The story takes place in and deals with the final year in the life of its main character, Henry Earlforward, a miser, who keeps a second-hand bookshop in the Clerkenwell area of London.

Unique aromas of red berries and fresh herbs, even the reflections of dark orange in the colour are intriguing. Until this lawsuit is resolved, the scope of the excess insurance available to KBR will remain uncertain.

Ihm ist es eine Ehre und Paolo Leo ist es eine Ehre. The Legal Representative has reserved his right to have the Bankruptcy Court re-open the record for the purpose of modifying or vacating the Confirmation Order prior to the Effective Date if, after consultation with his legal counsel and other advisors, the Legal Representative determines in good-faith exercise of his fiduciary obligations that consummation of the Plan would be detrimental to the rights and interests of persons that might assert Demands after the Confirmation Date.

The term Harbison-Walker Entity means: Ballots may be returned by mail, hand delivery, overnight courier, or facsimile.

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Your deadline to eeises to accept or reject the proposed plan of reorganization is 4: If filed, the Reorganization Cases will be filed as cases under chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code, meaning that the Debtors will continue to operate their businesses and manage their properties as debtors in possession exises to sections and of the Bankruptcy Code, and no trustee will q033 appointed for the Debtors or their property.

Company to form Dresser Manufacturing Company, which became Dresser Industries through a name change in As of June 30,there were approximately 6, unresolved pre-spinoff Harbison-Walker-related asbestos personal-injury claims being asserted against DII Industries, in addition to approximatelypost-spinoff claims that named DII Industries as a defendant.


The Trustees also may choose to place a cap on the maximum amount that any one claimant may be paid in any given year. These shares will have few restrictions on their transfer.

a033 edises pdf files

As part of planning for the Reorganization Cases, the Debtors asked Dr. How the Plan Will Be Implemented. At the Confirmation Hearing, the Bankruptcy Court will be asked to determine whether the requirements of section a of the Bankruptcy Code have been satisfied.

Accordingly, the shares may be subject to restrictions on transfer for a longer period of time than anticipated, which could adversely affect the market for the shares.

This volatility has often been unrelated to the operating performance of those companies. In the event that any portion of the delay is determined to be attributable to KBR and any phase of the project is completed after the milestone dates specified in the contract, KBR could be required to pay liquidated damages. Such nominations will be subject to the approval of the Bankruptcy Court at the Confirmation Hearing.

Products manufactured or distributed by Dresser Industries and its subsidiaries included drilling fluids, drilling bits, production valves, pumps, meter and measuring instruments, pipe fittings and couplings, specialty pipe coating and insulation, subsea equipment, and a variety of power systems.

This lawsuit also seeks a judicial declaration concerning the competing rights of DII Industries and Federal-Mogul, if any, to this insurance coverage. The Debtors also intend to request authority to assume all of their pre-bankruptcy construction and services contracts with customers, both domestically and outside the United States, and to seek appropriate relief from the automatic stay to allow customers to exercise all the rights and remedies under those contracts, other than rights and remedies triggered solely by the filing of the Reorganization Cases.

Initially, these efforts took the form of informal discussions among the Debtors, Halliburton, and counsel for a number of plaintiffs.

The stockholder rights plan and Delaware law could delay or prevent a change in control of Halliburton, even if that change would be beneficial to its stockholders.

Only the eight companies listed above will be Debtors in the Reorganization Cases. The Pro Forma Financial Projections were not prepared in compliance with the ediaes guidelines of the SEC or the guidelines established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants regarding projection or forecasts.