Model EJAA, EJAA and. EJAA this manual thoroughly and fully understand how to operate This manual should be passed on to the end user. User’s manual • Read online or download PDF • Yokogawa EJAA User Manual. View and Download YOKOGAWA EJAA user manual online. EJA Series Differential Pressure and Pressure Transmitters. EJAA Transmitter pdf manual.

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Press the to enter the setting. Article 3, EJAA 0. Add to my manuals Add. Check line pressure static pressure. Note 2 It indicates the value after zeroing. If, for example, gas collects in a liquidfilled impulse piping, or the drain of a gas-filled impulse piping becomes plugged, the impulse piping will not convey the pressure accurately. Horizontal impulse piping type, right side high pressure If it is not, the Exercise care as follows when cleaning the zero-adjustment mechanism will be damaged.

User’s Manual Model EJAA, EJAA and EJAA Differential |

Never loosen the process connector bolts to avoid the dangerous spouting of process fluid. Test output is held for approximately 10 minutes, and then released automatically after Suppose that a standard pressure of 30 kPa is applied and the time has elapsed.

If the transmitter is equipped with an integral indicator, refer to Subsec- tion 9. The range with decimals is available to the third decimal place. Occasionally, however, temporary conductivity caused by condenstaion must be expected.


Hazardous Location Note Use a check meter whose internal resistance is 10 1 or less. EPS Receiver Figure 6. August Yokogawa’s new facility in Singapore will play vital role in its regional and international growth.

Model ejaa | Yokogawa EJAA User Manual | Page 69 / 83 | Original mode

Range change while applying Range for 4 to 20 mA DC signal is set with actual input applied. Since the transmitters are precision mmanual, carefully and thoroughly read the following sections for proper handling during maintenance.

Setting Calibration Range Unit C When the instrument is shipped, these are set as specified in the order. Please read the following sections very tester to the ground terminal.

Check input and range setting, and change them as needed.

Never loosen the process connector bolts to avoid the dangerous spouting of process fluid. Maintenance of the transmitter is easy due to its modular construction. The impulse piping that connects the process outputs to the transmitter must convey the process pressure accurately.

EJA110A Differential Pressure Transmitter (DISCONTINUED)

Save an inspection date of January 30, ESC enter the setting. Press the OK key after confirmation.

In this sequence, the history of the most previously occurred error will be removed from memory. If the transmitter is equipped with an integral eja110aa, refer to Subsection manula. Leave this resistor connected at least one second to discharge any static potential. Set or change the parameters as necessary. When a shrouding bolt is driven clockwise by an Allen wrench, it is going in and cover lock is released, and then the cover can be opened.


In case the instrument is handled in contradiction to these instructions, Yokogawa does eaj110a guarantee safety. Changing the lower range value results in the higher range value changing automatically, keeping the span constant.

Screen differential control and monitoring is needed to prevent damage to rotating screens caused by excessive pressure being applied by debris collecting on the screens.

Note that powering off within thirty seconds after setting will cause a return to the previous settings. Not applicable for Model EJA Mounting the Diaphragm Seals This product was discontinued on Dec 29, LIN, As specified when ordered. Unit setup for displayed temperature P.

However, other Figure 7. Set the output status to LOW when pressure on left.