Resmi olarak ne yazık ki YOK, ancak Elektrik/Elektronik bilgisi içeren FIZ(E) . Elektronik Elemanları, Duran Leblebici, Seç Yayınları, is recommended. Undergraduate. Studies Electrical Engineering, Elektronik, and Solar Energy. Papers · Duran Leblebici ELEKTRONIK ELEMANLARmore. by Birol şentürk. Recommended readings: • Elektronik Elemanları, Leblebici, • Yarıiletken Devre Elemanlarının Temelleri, E. Yang (Çeviri: Leblebici Y.),

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Thevenins and Nortons theorems.

Analysis of linear and nonlinear resistive circuits: The homework which is delayed more than a week will not be accepted. At the end of the exam period the copy sheet should be turned in along with problem solutions.

Magnetic field in the matter. Power and energy function.

Explains the operation principles and applications lblebici semiconductor switching components. You can find solved midterm exam problems of previous years under http: Introduction, overview of topics, overview of basic knowledge required for this course. Atomic models, crystal structure, semiconductor physics, doping, current flow mechanisms, Continuity Equation.

Explains the operation principle of bipolar transistors and makes the designs of bipolar transistors circuits. BJT as a switch and biasing for analog applications.

Also always indiate the units in your solution. Sources of magnetic field. MOS as a switch and biasing for analog applications. In case of late submission of assignments, there will be a 5-point-penalty for each day overdue.


Calculates the base and collector current of a bipolar transistor. Analog electronic systems Electronic apparatus and appliances Electronic circuits Linear integrated circuits Linear integrated circuits–Design and construction Metal oxide semiconductors, Complementary Oscillators, Electric Radio circuits–Design and construction Transistors Very high speed integrated circuits.

Meeting Time and Place: Types of diodes, Zener effect, Zener diodes, diode capacities, sample circuits constructed with diodes. The aim of this course is to equip the students with the required knowledge and skills about the physical principles of the operation of electronic circuit components, the analysis and design of simple electronic circuits.

Own study for mid-term exam: TBA Prerequisites for taking the final exam: Please indicate all current directions and voltage polarities on your solution sheets.

Leblebici, Duran

Types of diodes, Zener effect, Zener diodes, diode capacities, sample circuits constructed with diodes. TBA for appointment call 35 50 or send e-mail to haceryildiz[at]itu.

You will be penalized for missing units. Before joining the class, the students must study given materials personally. Resistor, capacitor, inductor, independent sources, dependent sources, gyrator, transistor, transformer, operational amplifier. Personal studies for final leblebixi Electrostatic energy and properties of insulators.

Most widely held elekyronik by Duran Leblebici. Nonlinear elements and linearized models. Determine, define, formulize and solve complicated Electronic and Communication Engineering problems, with this aim select and apply proper analytical methods and modelling. Analyses the thermal circuits. Solutions of first and second order circuits, computer applications. Apply the mathematical, scientific and engineering knowledge for real life problems Type of Assessment Written exam Homework assignment.


Thus you may not get any points for solutions with missing steps in calculations. For a better engagement, after the leblebii, the students should be able to solve all the given problems, by studying together and by consulting the lecturer. You can access it using your ITU student account and password.

ELE E Introduction to Electronics

Mathematical models of electrical circuits elements. Calculates the necessary heatsink calculations for semiconductors.

Operational amplifiers; concepts and application examples. First Cycle Undergraduate Type of course: Draws the small signal equivalent circuit of a bipolar transistor. Maxwell denklemleri ve elektromanyetik dalgalar. Transistor physics, physical characteristics dura BJT, biasing conditions, current components, transistor parameters. Electro magnetic oscillations and AC circuits.

Sedra and Kenneth C. Explains the operation of diode rectifier circuits.

Leblebici, Duran [WorldCat Identities]

To be successful in this course, a continuous study is recommended. Active and passive elements. Designs the diode rectifier circuits.