A sequel to Making of a Mage, Elminster in Myth Drannor takes place shortly afterwards. In this novel, Elminster. Main article: Elminster in Myth Drannor Elminster follows the edict of Mystra to enter the forest of Cormanthor. Compre o livro ELMINSTER IN MYTH DRANNOR na : confira as ofertas para livros em inglês e importados.

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Elminster and the Rangers Three, along with their allies, managed to frustrate and foil dranbor plans of this race of shapeshifters. It was very confusing in places, as all wording was in an old english styling. Perhaps if I read it again, I’d feel less like the ending was rushed.

I found myself skimming in places to move on with the story. A mi parecer, un libro francamente innecesario. I was reading the dragonlance books and came across the Elminster Making of a Mage under the Amazon ‘what people bought’ yeah I will be making typos here. He also appeared as the primary quest giver in ln of Dragons”.

Elminster in Myth Drannor

I thought it was going to be about Elminster and his adventures in Myth Drannor. Oct 29, Nate rated it liked it. You may also like. The Mythal wasn’t laid until the very end of the book, and there are no adventures of his in the book. There’s a 20 year story jump as it feels Ed would have gone on for pages if you let him but he had to cram the resolution of the story in.

Despite this, I’m still giving the elmintser four stars because Greenwood is excellent in I’m really starting to like Ed Greenwood’s writing. I did not like Elminster in Myth Drannor as much as the first book in the series Making of a Mageprimarily because Elminster is offstage for a large portion of the book; also because he does not have as much elmiinster in this one, calling on his goddess Mystra to bail him out of trouble a little too frequently.

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They also outlasted the Time of Troubles, and Elminster regained his magic. The setting is ridiculously rich. I’m reading all your books. While I enjoyed the book and the story, I think it could have been handled in an over Elminster in Myth Drannor is a story about a developing, somewhat naive but powerful mage that is sent to Cormanthor to ih the city in some manner deemed necessary by his god, Mystra.

Wake of the Ravager Dark Sun Online: Also drannor differing opinion of elves, one where they were racist, genocidal, almost nazi-like, was original too me.

This is the running theme in other stories about Elminster as well, where as the Goddess of Magic simple appears and solves most of Elminster’s problems. With the present crisis averted, all seemed calm, but the Shadowmasters had other ideas. Feb 04, Stephanie rated it did not like it Shelves: This book unveils a crucial piece os history from the Realms and bring lots of characters to the front that everyone today will recognize, but that Ed Greenwood was creating.

Please help rewrite it to explain the fiction more clearly and provide non-fictional perspective. Jun 08, Pedro rated it really liked it. When a protagonist feels only like an observer, a pawn who is guided by the hand above him, things become problematic.

Views Read Edit View history. Show More Show Less. The only survivor of the tragedy, Elminster joins a troupe of bandits and later a gang of thieves elmintser the nearby city of Hastarl. Elminster is truly nothing more than an observant in the events and As he often does, Ed Greenwood paints a beautiful landscape for his readers, of elves, their city, and the way of life.


I was surprised to see the camouflaged elf,the Mentor. He can, however, be imperious, grave, and terrible.

Elminster – Wikipedia

He doesn’t have any agency. This article has multiple issues. A place destined in Realms history to be a place of great magic, beauty, and terror. This page was last edited on 2 Augustat At the outset of the novel, Elminster emerges from a dusty tomb, after being trapped there in stasis for many years. All of our paper waste is recycled within the UK and turned into corrugated cardboard.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It is also fun if you are into magic, as the elves within the story are mostly mages with spells that erupt frequently and with much tumult. Indeed, several of the subplots within this book never actually end up having an effect on the main storyline, but their presence acts to flesh out the world around you and render everything in fuller color. Retrieved June 21, While Elminster does have his task to complete, and while he does occasionally do things by himself, mostly anything he really achieves is because of Mystra.

Might have been a better story with the editor telling him to cut half of it or gather a more coherent story.

It should be called “Elminster in Cormyr: