Image of Marjane Satrapi “Embroideries” Marji, the child narrator of Marjane Satrapi’s powerful cartoon novel, Persepolis, is now a young woman in her early . From the best–selling author of Persepolis comes this gloriously entertaining and enlightening look into the sex lives of Iranian women. A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Embroideries by Marjane Satrapi.

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When you finish you’ll want to flip to the beginning and start again! Full of surprises, this introduction to the private lives of some fascinating women, whose life stories and lovers will strike us as at once deeply familiar and profoundly different from our own, is sure to bring smiles of recognition to the faces of women everywhere—and to teach us all a thing or two.

There, her mother, aunt and their group of friends tell stories about their lives as women, and, more specifically, the men they’ve lived with and through. Satrapi makes her points, but there’s little beyond that — and certainly no discussion of the issues involved.

Embroideries (Pantheon Graphic Library): Marjane Satrapi: : Books

A much more chatty account than Persepolis but one full of warmth, humour and a group of fascinating women sharing their wisdom. During this time, Satrapi went to numerous illegal parties hosted by her friends, where she met a man named Reza, a veteran of the Iran-Iraq War.

There’s nothing extremely special about that. Lists with This Book. Now let me tell you about something that happened to a friend of mine Tomo Sesepuh Jaduler Dan yang diomongin bukan soal ranjang I picked up this book after reading Persepolis, which I felt examined a lot of issues in a surprisingly deep way. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Please try again later.


Observing a young Satrapi in the company of her mother, grand mother, aunts and other female friends sitting around their tea — while the male members are enjoying a nap after a family dinner — and gossiping, is an experience like the observer is right among them sipping tea — at times even feeling like a voyeur – and listening to their confidential lives, their anxieties, their own personal struggle against social and personal oppression and their intimate feelings of guilt and pleasure.

But to me, there’s not a lot of power in that. The work is rather inconsequential so far as plot and character are concerned. Here are a few of my favorite talks between Marjane’s tough-talking grandmother, stoic mother, glamorous and eccentric aunt and their friends and neighbors: Looking for beautiful books?

One of the more amusing stories is told by a woman who, after noticing that her middle aged husband was being distracted from her middle age self by twenty-something women, had plastic surgery that took fat from her behind and used it to perk up her breasts. For example, when one of the women bursts into tears, the women are eager to hear her story perhaps to console her but also to know what the gossip is.

The stories that are related strapi both disturbing and funny, a variety of mishaps of varying degrees of tragedy embroideriws comedy usually a mix of the two. Dimulai dengan cerita nenek Marji yang menceritakan tentang Nahid, temannya yang ketakutan setengah mati karena kehilangan keperawanan sebelum menikah, sedangkan 3 minggu lagi ia akan menikah, dan nenek Marji yang cerdas memberikan ide untuk mengelabui calon suami Nahid.

This may partly be down to the fact that though Satrapi has herself written several books for children Persepolis is technically and therefore thrillingly for rmbroideries. Sex and secrets are the best topics for any conversation between friends. This section also contains the best line in the book.


Leggere “Taglia e cuci” trasporta il lettore normalmente escluso in quanto maschio e soprattutto la lettrice in un consesso in cui si parla e si sparla liberamente, si ride embrideries si beve. Who would not like to be a part of it or even get a glimpse of customs in Iran. I was enamored by her stories and the way her drawings helped illustrate the feelings she had about herself and those around her.

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View all 11 comments. Characters are hard to distinguish from each other, and Satrapi’s depictions of gestures and expressions are severely limited, hampering any attempt at emotional resonance.

After admiring her new fidelity-inducing shape, the women ask how this auntie got the killer bod, she tells them she got her fat moved around. Which tells us something about the current state of revolutionary politics in Iran.


Marjane’s grandmother advises taking a razorblade into the marriage bed. Are the anecdotes authentic and representative of most women’s views?

Reading this book was embgoideries getting a tiny but intimate glimpse into the lives of Iranian women and realizing that they are just like American women in many ways. It is an amazing book, as expected.

From the best—selling author of Persepolis comes this gloriously entertaining and enlightening look into the sex lives of Iranian women. Like many women, they talk about plastic surgery – nothing unusual there.

After the laughter has died down, one woman remarks that at least Nahid had “touched a testicle” once in her life: