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Is technological progress accelerating? O szlifowaniu polskiego oka.

In this sense, the AWS-UW government’s pension reform was quite remarkable, as it was a rare example of a willingness to self-restrain its power. Wealth is not found in nature; it must be created, and this is precisely the role of businesses and entrepreneurs.

Macron kontra Orbán! Najważniejsza debata w Europie – Kultura Liberalna

Surely the government is aware of these data, so how can it — as a rational actor — oblige people to give away more money to the state? And the basic requirements for sustaining human life are becoming more inaccessible than ever. Nowela ustawy o informacji publicznej.

Pollution is making us sicker than ever, he implies. Spojrzenie z Zachodu i ze Wschodu. Yet in spite of overwhelming government intervention, innovation and ingenuity prevail, even if to a lesser degree.

Time for changes in the Polish tax system Populist arguments against pension funds aside, it is difficult to see in the arguments of the supporters of the proposed changes anything but a desire for an instantaneous solution to the public finance crisis. These claims serve a purpose: According to recent census data in my country, the Czech Republic, there is about 10,4 million people out of which only 4,6 million are employed, the rest are children, unemployed, women on maternity leave, old age and other pensioners and others who are economically inactive.


As soon as the second pillar of the pension system was introduced, it became clear that it would be costly for the public finance system and would require budgetary discipline. Increased mismatch between demand and supply on the labor market is a common problem in most of Europe, for the sake of brevity, I will focus only on the situation in Poland, though.

Our economic policy is, unfortunately, focused on relatively labor-intensive industries whose competitiveness stems from low wages. In other words, employers expect they future employees to be first of all independent and passionate, and only then easy-going and well-qualified, which allows for overthrowing a conventional wisdom that entrepreneurs value foremostly experience and education.

There are simply too many regulations which are constantly being changed. They did not expect that life would bring the answer so soon in their dispute against the author of this text. It is not the task of nuclear power to replace all other energy sources in Poland.

Macron kontra Orbán! Najważniejsza debata w Europie

The coal fired power plants will be still needed. Well, it is a vision that is relentlessly pessimistic. Indeksowanie czasopism – zobacz polecane bazy. W sumie 32 tys. As a result labor costs would decrease, but incomes to the budget would not. Manipulacja polityczna w dobie Internetu.


This is then contrasted with the kindness and altruism of charities, non-profits, and governments, which are all supposedly created to help people. They will also allow to keep some coal resources for the future, so that we shall have safe sources of electricity for us and for our children.

O nowych ugrupowaniach politycznych. Granted, people generally prefer to spend their time with family and friends than at work. Polska szarpie za cugle.

Blog – CASE – Center for Social and Economic Research

You can change the cookie settings in your browser. Actually, a solution is pretty simple — we just have to eliminate gwaizdowski loopholes. Assuming that during the same period of time roughlycitizens retired and thus permanently left the labor market, and anotheremigrated, the labor surplus wasInwestorzy a ekonomia austriacka, Retrieved All cases of poverty have the same solution — not wealth distribution, but wealth creation.

The main incentives are the low gwiszdowski rates — only 0. In it is expected to be 21 billion euro. They are instead one of forms of thesaurisation. As a result of research carried emerytalnq with use of the GINI index, the typical yardstick of inequality, plenty of liberals came to the conclusion that this mechanism properly serves its purpose.

O wyborach skrajnie subiektywnie.