PDF | In this paper we consider an abstract Volterra integral equation in an ordered Banach space. Sorry, there is no online preview for this file type. Volterra integral equations of the first kind with jump discontinuous kernels play important Sorry, there is no online preview for this file type. . D.A. Panasetsky. Sorry, there is no online preview for this file type. The Volterra integral equations of arising in many phenomena in physics and engineering such as the .

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To our knowledge this is the first proof of fractional. In this paper, the complex-order electric elements concept is proposed for the first time, and the complex-order elements are modeled and filettpe.

The solution in Laplace transform domain has been obtained using a direct method and its inversion is calculated numerically using a method based on Fourier series expansion technique. Various kinds of fractional Langevin equations and their generalizations are then considered in order to decide whether their solutions provide the correct description of the long and short time behaviors of single-file diffusion. equatioon

Volterra integral equation

Fractional generalization of the Ginzburg—Landau equation: Second, published work on nonregular. Propagation of a general -type beam through a truncated fractional Fourier transform optical system.

The feasibility of this encryption system is verified and analyzed by computer simulations. Furthermore, for convolutions of multidimensional data, the segregation of data and work buffers can be exploited to reduce memory usage and execution time significantly.

The fraction numbers are varied fromwith isoeffective adjustments of the corresponding dose-per- fractions to maintain a constant tumor control, using the linear-quadratic cell survival model. Fractional modifications of the free energy functional at criticality and of the widely known Ginzburg-Landau equation central to the classical Landau theory Experimental results show that the proposed DCNN method is an effective technique for classifying electronic nose data.


The chaotic state of the system has two types of attractors: This paper provides the existence and representation of solution to an initial value problem for the general multi-term linear fractional differential equation with generalized Riemann-Liouville fractional derivatives and constant coefficients by using operational calculus of Mikusinski’s type. In the limit of free particles coupled to a fractal heat bath, the results compare favorably with experiments acquired in human neuronal tissues.

The estimates are expressed as Gaussian mixture models representing the probability density functions PDFs in the redshift space. Approximate number system ANS acuity was assessed with a dot discrimination task.

An example application of the R-function is provided. This equation generalizes the single-term, multi-term and distributed-order fractional relaxation equations. In addition to the advantages introduced by the implementation of the DRPE using a JTC, we demonstrate that the proposed encryption system in the FrFD preserves the shift-invariance property of the JTC-based encryption system in the Fourier domain, with respect to the lateral displacement of both the key random mask in the decryption process and the retrieval of the primary image.

Quantifying the interplay effect in prostate IMRT delivery using a convolution -based method.

Volterra integral equation – Wikipedia

Moreover, some error analysis are given for noise error contributions due to a intgrwle of stochastic processes. In this work, the fractional generalization of the successful and spread control strategy known as model predictive control is applied to drive autonomously a gasoline-propelled vehicle at low speeds.


BA – General Mathematics Impact factor: In this paper, we present an alternative to the originally proposed technique for the delivery of spatially fractionated radiation therapy GRID using multi-leaf collimator MLC shaped fields.

Numerical results are given to illustrate the feasibility and effectiveness of the intgeale algorithm. This algorithm works for an arbitrary input power spectrum and substantially reduces the time required for numerical evaluation. The aim of this article is to study the matrix fractional differential equations and to find the exact solution for system of matrix fractional differential equations in terms of Riemann—Liouville using Laplace transform method and equatjon product to the Riemann—Liouville fractional of matrices.

In generalthe proposed gas neural network, named GasNet, consists of: Axons are important to understand neurodegenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease. On some generalization flietype fractional Brownian motions. Generalized prolate spheroidal wave functions for optical finite fractional Fourier and linear canonical transforms.

In the present paper we deal with general convolution operators.

It may be read easily by anyone with a working knowledge of real and complex variable theory. The general theory of convolutional codes.