Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk was one of the final products WotC published for E D&D before the 4E announcement (in fact. Product Blurb: A Dungeons & Dragons super-adventure for characters of levels 8 – Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk is a page D&D super-adventure. Title – Expedition to the Ruins of Castle Greyhawk Publisher – Wotc Format – Hardback Pages – MSRP – $ Reviewer – Glenn Vincent.

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This Month’s Dragon Magazine. Only by uniting the three fragments of the Obelisk shard and destroying Zagig’s Prison — thus releasing Iuz from captivity once more — can the PCs destroy the empowered Iggwilv and escape from the dungeons with their lives.

Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk by Jason Bulmahn

December Learn how and when to remove this template message. This is not satisfying. Sixth, on the topic of planes, ERGH offers a tantalizing suggestion of the multiverse before the existence of the Great Wheel, familiar to many from its exposition in Planescape. Chapter 4 City of Hawks, City of Thieves: Hollie rated it it was expeditino Feb 09, Mark rated it really greyawk it Mar 09, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Forty years later, in the Greyhawk realm’s Common Year ofthe player characters take on the role of adventurers who arrive expeditikn the Free City to explore the Ruins of Greyhawk looking for riches and glory. Mordenkainen, barred by oath from entering the dungeons, recruits the band of adventurers to go into the chambers for him and find the secret behind Robilar’s treachery.

The Genie’s Curse Birthright: In the company of his apprentice Bigby, the fearless Lord Robilar, and the willful greyhxwk Riggby, the wizard relentlessly explored the ruins of Zagig’s castle, charting its secrets and plundering its priceless treasures. No trivia or quizzes yet. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

To ask other readers questions about Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawkplease sign up. Mar 21, Darin rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Chapter 6 In Zagig’s Shadow: He was the founder of the city’s world-renowned Guild of Wizardry and one of the greatest adventuring mages ever to cast a spell.


Just as Robilar dispelled the barriers keeping Iuz at bay so that he might be slain, the wizard Tenser appeared with Bigby and the warrior Neb Retnar at his back. Vayne is not confident of success and, having failed Iuz twice before, fears for his life if the attack on Greyhawk is not successful.

Archived from the original on Shannon Appelcline called this book “a experition return to greeyhawk most famous dungeon in roleplaying”, noting that it was published as part of a series of nostalgic adventures which suggested that Wizards of the Coast ‘s original series of 3.

The authors have quietly turned part of an adventure book into a City of Greyhawk gazetteer. The archmage who built it vanished nearly two hundred years ago, and the castle has beckoned adventurers from around the world ever since. Grexxor rated it really liked it Oct 09, Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, The heroes of Oerth are villains on Uerth and they have found a way to crossover, giving Greyhawk new villains who are tied to the setting through their well known counterparts.

That magical warp freed the additional gods and caved in many of Castle Greyhawk’s deepest dungeon complexes. While of little use in running the adventure proper, these sections will be of immense value to those new to the Greyhawk setting. The gregarious fighter lord thrilled at the audacity of Mordenkainen’s suggestion. ERGH only utilizes certain levels of the dungeons, some previously described in WGR1 and some new, and only describes those levels.

While these identifications are not certain, they are superior to the dubious names on the Dragon Annual map of Oerth. Hardcoverpages. Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk is an adventure book for the 3.

Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk – D&D Wiki

Rob rated it liked it Apr 23, Finishing the events outlined in this volume does not mean that the PCs have finished exploring Castle Greyhawk, however, because the dozens of dungeon levels and associated demiplanes of Zagig’s castle provide a limitless source of adventure well beyond the scope of a single book.


Refresh and try again. In one of the deepest levels, the treasury of expedifion Company of Seven, Zagig’s old adventuring companions, the false Iggwilv discovered the artifact necessary to power the demigod prison that had allowed Zagig Yragerne to transcend mortality.

Iuz remained imprisoned just as Zagig had left him sixty-five years prior. The trio had come to stop the dangerous gambit, but arrived too late.

The chapter also features notes on Castle Greyhawk’s upper ruins and the surrounding region. These easter eggs are marvelous if you are a Greyhawk fan, but I imagine they would go right over the head of most non-Greyhawk fans. If Mordenkainen could find the deity trap, so could someone else. I’m also not a fan of the “Expedition to The guild members too seek entrance to the Tower of Magic, but are forbidden by treaty to steal the key from its guardians — Greyhawk’s Guild of Wizardry.

Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk

A series of random encounters allows you to treat the journey from the castle’s front door to more important locations as wilderness travel, and these encounters can be used freely when the PCs decide to venture “off map” and away from the outlined adventure. Afterward, Robilar, along with the archmage Rarybetrayed Mordenkainen and the Circle of Eight a committee of wizardsby killing the great wizards Tenser and Otilukeand leaving Bigby clinging to life.

Doom revealed in the end as a Doombot, a robotic double of the real Doom, it takes something away from the fight. Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk.

As just an adventure, it is subpar. Much of the expeditioj takes place in the dungeons of Castle Greyhawk. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Be the first to ask a question about Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk.