Las especies americanas de arañas de la familia Salticidae descriptas por Eugène Simon: Redescripciones basadas en los ejemplares típicos. Physis (C) A first record of the jumping spider genus Tanybelus (Salticidae: Salticinae: Salticidae Blackwall, . arañas de la familia Salticidae descriptas por. Two allopatric species of Coryphasia (Araneae: Salticidae), both described for the first Revisão das espécies sul-americanas de aranhas da família Salticidae .

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Abdomen black, with a dorsal scutum. Koch, and related forms.

Marma baeri Simon, ; Platnick, The w orld spider catalog. Marma nigritarsis Simon, Amphidraus nigritarsis Simon, Noegus niger Caporiacco, comb. Palp brown, with a short tibia and aalticidae very elongated RTA, embolus short and curved Figs ; many white hairs dorsally on all the palpal articles.


Revista del Museo de La Plata N. Marma trifidocarinata Caporiacco, Revision of the genus Pachomius Araneae, Salticidae.

Pequena Aranha (Família Salticidae)

Koch,Romitia misionensis Galiano, and Romitia patellaris Galiano, Euophrys andina Taczanowski, The genus Uspachus Galiano, is synonymized with Romitia Caporiacco, and the male of its type species, R. Romitia nigra Caporiacco, Uspachus juquiaensis Galiano, No type has been examined.

Romitia juquiaensis Galiano, comb. Revista Brasileira de Biologia 8: Labium and sternum dark brown.

Hasarius adansoni – Wikipedia

Amycoida incertae sedis Marma Simon, Marma Simon, Known only from Guyana. Noegus vulpio Simon, ; Platnick, Uspachus misionensis Galiano, This familla is also present in the type species of Romitia, R. Endite, labium and sternum dark brown. Uspachus colombianus Galiano, Revision of the spider genus Sitticus Simon, Aranei, Salticidae.

Endite, labium and sternum brown. Abdomen dark brown, dorsally variegated with dark brown and yellow. Alguns novos salticidas do Brasil Araneae, Salticidae.

Hasarius adansoni

Anterior eye row 1. On the taxonomy of some neotropical species of jumping spiders described by Caporiacco Araneae, Salticidae.


The species Pseudamphidraus variegatus Caporiacco, and Marma trifidocarinata Caporiacco, are synonymized with Marma nigritarsis Simon, Romitia misionensis Galiano, comb. The following new combinations are established for the species formerly included in Uspachus: