Title: Payback (Sisterhood S.) Author(s): Fern Michaels ISBN: / (UK edition) Publisher: Severn House Large Print Books. Once the hallmark of macho fantasy, payback moves to the heart of modern romance in the spotty second installment of Michaels’s Revenge of. Meet the Sisterhood – seven very different women who found one another in their darkest days and formed an indelible friendship, strong enough to heal their.

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Jul 18, Julie rated it liked it Shelves: Because the senator crossed the wrong paybaco. Payback continues the story of The Sisterhood, a group of women that seek revenge on people that have wronged them so far it seems to be all men.

Does the dead daughter talk to her mother and sister in later books? Perhaps it’s for the continuation of pqyback characters’ stories, but overall, I’m not impressed with her writing.

Even small companies have security in place to prevent disgruntled employees from changing code. I enjoyed the first one, but this one was ridiculous. When the Snow Falls. I’m excited to read the next one.

The elaborate scheme, interaction among the characters and the intricately woven threads all work for good pajback make this a serviceable series. I really wouldn’t recommend this series to anyone.


I enjoy my clean, Christian books so much more. It was a breeze. If the world learns that all you have to do to not get caught for a crime is to ship someone off to farm in Africa and have them hypnotized, then criminals would be doing this all the time. As I said, I had to persevere. The mission of the sisterhood and how it is accomplished is always intriguing.

Payback by Fern Michaels

Thanks for telling us mixhaels the problem. Diagnosed with HIV caught from her philandering senator husband, Julia had to give up her career as a plastic surgeon. First of all, I had a hard time believing that a local lawyer is going to actually sell most everything he owns and take a month leave of absence from his prestigious job just to spy on these women. As they say, the past is prologue.

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Seasons of Her Life. Aug 09, Traci Nicole rated it really liked it.

What You Wish For. The Monarchs, Derek, Micgaels, and Ethan, are more interested in, well, more. For me it was an awesome day and there are no words to describe it.

I gave Fern Michaels the benefit of the doubt and blamed the publishing company on all the missing punctuation, backwards quotation marks, missing words, etc. Some Women Get Angry. There was no real tension paybakc suspense leading up to the vengeful moment mihaels the outcome was ridiculous and displeasing.


This time out the senator husband of one of the sisterhood has not only drained their financial accounts, he has given her a death sentence. In the end, I could never recommend this book to anyone ever due to the amount of illogical conclusions, TSTL actions of characters that should have known better and the stereotypes.

Payback (Sisterhood, #2) by Fern Michaels

On to the next in the series! Because michaesl senator crossed the wrong woman May 09, Janet rated it it was ok Shelves: This was a short novel however it took me so long to get through because of the lack of storyline and editing. She is perfect in payvack way! A fun read but highly unbelievable Buy from our partners. There were totally unbelievable elements throughout the book.

So annoying—and so much It is difficult to understand the high marks for this book. I think these stories would be so much better if instead of a physical revenge, they found a way for the real justice system to get these guys.

Up Close and Personal. There weren’t enough details on how Charles was able to accomplish extraordinary tasks.