Fires Of Winter [Roberta Gellis] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The windswept plains of medieval England were torn by the raging. Melusine of Ulle, daughter of Scottish nobility, is given in marriage to Bruno of Jernaeve, who secures her land for his sovereign, King David. Born enemies, the . Fires of Winter continues the story Gellis began in A Tapestry of Dreams, and tells the story of Lady Audris’ illegitimate half brother Bruno.

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Her first 4 Roselynde Chronicles were the high point I think. Bruno is the bastard child of the Blue Blood but with a mother who was a whore. But her family and her life were destroyed by the ravages of war. Yep, the early Roselynde novels were certainly the best of the lot, and the most interesting. The only real highlights of the book are the few times Bruno and Melusine are together, although off did get a bit corny and outdated at times, ROFL the constant references by Bruno to his “standing man” Sir Jehad and no I’m not going to explain what that means, if I did I’d get censored.

Fires of Winter

They are tightly woven into the plot. As for those who enjoy a bit more history as I do in their historical romances, the choice of such a complicated period in English history is not the best choice and came off to this reader grllis quite dry and not very interesting.

A couple of issues that keep me from giv This book puts the “historical” in historical fiction.

Oct 01, Ltlmer2 rated it doberta liked it. The Trouble with Dukes. Also, despite a couple of disturbing things about Bruno’s actions, he comes across as thoroughly likeable. It would make them stronger later. I guess that sounds good enough of a basis for your usual historical romance and as much as I do enjoy reading Gellis this book has some problems.


But soon after, the story rolls in waves of action from their first brief encounter, when Bruno storms Melusine’s keep at Ulle in the name of King Stephen. wintee

Fires of Winter – Roberta Gellis – Google Books

It is not until the eighty-sixth page that Bruno and Melusine meet. Only a consummate writer of Ms. The portrayal of Empress Matilda owes a lot more to the old-school concept of her as a screaming, virtue-less virago than it does to modern interpretations, but it helps to remember that the main character is a partisan of King Stephen’s.

It was an interesting book places against a time of turmoil in England. Gelliw also does not really find out what Melusine is all about. And I understand that wiinter info is important to the doberta but it felt like too much. For fans of medieval romance who are looking for something a little different, this would be a great story to check out.

As for the standing man bit, they were funny. It does not bode well.

Fires of Winter (Tales of Jernaeve, #2) by Roberta Gellis

Both Bruno and Melusine start their stories from their individual beginnings at the start of the book and things go from there. It was very convincing. The first chapter is the hero’s, the second is the heroine’s, and so on. Dorinda and the Doctor. A sparkling prize, the beautiful Mellusine of Ulle is awarded to the bastard-born Bruno of Jernaeve as a spoil of war. A bastard son of an English lord, Fo of Jernaeve was born with gellus.

The book has one particularity I have not seen often, each chapter is written in the first person but alternating between Bruno and Melusine.

A Knight and White Satin.

Historical Fiction Online

Fires of Winter is the best a book can be But her family and her life were destroyed by the ravages of war. She currently resides in Lafayette, Indiana. It is the same formula of war, marriage from different worlds then love.


The review must be at least 50 characters long. The book begins during the childhoods of each character. Lady Winer Christmas Portrait. Sequel to A Tapestry of Dreams and tell Bruno’s story. And her noble name made her a threat to the new king.

Overall, I didn’t like. That is all she asks for. For who knows lf reason I never got itStephen decides to knight Bruno and marry him to Melusine, who is half mad with grief over the loss of her family and home, and when she recognizes her new husband as the man who took her from Ulle she attempts to kill him while he’s sleeping.

Ainter 1 is about Bruno’s half sister so they are connected, but does not have to be read in order. This makes for some repetition as events are described twice, first through his eyes, and then through hers. Great book It was a great book that continued to build instead of having a gfllis tone. But what makes this more than just a story of two people’s rocky relationship is Gellis’s wonderful style.

Probably more of a two-and-a-half star rating. He does some roherta things when only a boy, including taking care of his orphaned baby half-sister. Their respect and honesty is a balm for wedded bliss and for a Queen who doesn’t trust her gelliw servant. EC, published in Born enemies, the pair has an inauspicious beginning when Melusine attempts to kill her new husband on their wedding night. Growing up as the daughter of a noble family for her and as an illegitimate son of a noble man for him.