Robert J. Sawyer is the Aurora Award-winning author of FlashForward, basis for the ABC TV series, the Hugo Award-winning author of Hominids, and the. Robert J. Sawyer is a Canadian science-fiction writer and author of Flash Forward, the novel on which the television series of the same name is based. He wrote. Lloyd is very disturbed; he’s due to wed the beautiful Michiko—her daughter died in the Flashforward—but his vision showed him happily.

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This is corroborated by the twenty-one year jump at the end of the book, taking us to the year seen in the original flashforwards. I was pleasantly surprised.

For Sawyer fans, it’s probably a “must read”, but it won’t be “most memorable”.

Sure, who can blame him to some degree, who doesn’t want to rant against Microsoft or OJ, but it can get a bit distracting from the story. Other than that, the story was perfect. Some of the arguments weren’t made convincingly enough — or perhaps it’s that my own opinions are quite firm and so theirs seemed shaky. Over the last few years I’ve read some very good sci-fi that manages to convey ideas within an interesting story that’s actually readable.

It’s a pretty cool concept. The philanthropist approaches Lloyd and offers to prolong his life but Lloyd does not wish to accept this without his current wife Doreen.

Across the globe, every hum It isand a team of international physicists working at CERN near Geneva in Switzerland by the French borderare about to run an experiment that they hope will give them the Higg’s boson, resulting in a breakthrough in generating energy.


He credits two of his favourite shows from the late s and early s, Search and Star Trek, with teaching him some of the fundamentals of the science-fiction craft. Also, I’d be fine never reading the phrase “time immutable” ever again. Jul 20, Alice rated it did not like it. Foreign Language Pet Peeves. Sawyer is not that good a writer, but his ideas are phenomenal. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

However, later in the book, some changes are made and some characters change their fates, but others are doing exactly what their visions showed. Now what do we do with that knowledge? Very nicely done, sir. It gets tepid in many, many places. It was moving sawger so nicely without having to add that bit of horse radish. I don’t think it’s just because there’s a lot of physics involved, I’m able to read other SciFi that explores concepts that are over my head and I just sort of skim the science-y bits and get the general gist.

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How does the world respond? Here is a completely original idea, done with superb craftsmanship. The bottom line is that I thought the writing quality was mediocre. It is hardly anything like the series, and thank goodness for that, because Sawyer is such a poor writer that one can only explain his numerous awards as being given for clever concepts, not execution. But his thoughts are not at all normal–his thinking reacts in total surprise, for example to his reflection in the mirror.


The premise is interesting, and fit nicely into place with the many books I’ve been reading lately about fate vs. It felt more like ‘here’s how the author sees Japanese women’ than, “author is writing a character that has these thoughts”.

I read that Frank Tipler was mentioned; thank god I didn’t get that far, or I would have thrown the book across the room! Or, would you be able to remain freewilled? Not only do they reproduce the experiment, but view spoiler [he gets a little carried away with it. Ultimately, the book never does make up its mind about flashforwsrd sort of universe we occupy. And is well worth reading.


His eyes were blue and his crewcut hair so dark brown that one could get away with calling it black – except at the temples, where about half of it had turned gray.

Getting there takes a lot of technical info that frankly I could have done without. Flashforward is a science fiction novel by Canadian author Robert J. High-tech enough for the aspiring physicist, but lay enough to be easily understood, this was the best time-travel story I have read in a long, long time. How does it affect our thinking about the future?

He prefers the label “philosophical fiction,” and in no way sees himself as a predictor of the future.