3 Tools To Help You Forgive Someone. How To Forgive Others And Learn From Judgments. Iyanla Vanzant More by this author. Feb 08, Forgiveness has ratings and 32 reviews. Becca said: Can you forgive everyone that’s ever hurt you, including yourself? With Iyanla Vanzant’s help in. 94 quotes from Forgiveness: 21 Days to Forgive Everyone for Everything: ‘ Acceptance means that you know, regardless of what happened, that there is somet.

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I love the format of the book, and have forgiiveness into tapping and accupressure in the past. I forgive you, I forgive her, I forgive him, I forgive Me!

This book is full of wisdom and made me realize a lot of things about myself I didn’t know were there.

With a combination of guided meditation, journaling, tapping, prayer, and suggested action steps, Forgiveness addresses the resentment we might harbor toward ourselves, our body, our life, our close relatives and acquaintances, our romantic partners, and even toward God and the world in general. Email Address Please enter a valid email address.

Return to Book Page. I received a copy of this book from the publisher for review purposes. Or you can take it one day at a time with Forgiceness and spend 21 days following her system of forgivenses forgiveness.

Since I didn’t really know what I was doing with the tapping, I also had to refer back to a page in the beginning of the book with a picture of the tapping meridian points. Thank you Iyanla for putting together a great resource and those who put this book in my hands. I haven’t been so great at that part and felt firgiveness awkward “tapping” When I was doing it i was like “please God, don’t let my husband or my son seeing me do this they will think I’m crazier than they already do”.

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This book inspired me to write an article: Strange She is a little too ‘out there’ for me. Whether it is a breakdown in a relationship or a lack of financial substance or a failure to fulfill a dream or goal, there must be ‘someone’ to blame. Leave A Comment Uh-oh!

Jan 18, Annmarie Annie Kostyk rated it liked it. It didn’t appeal to me.

Forgiveness Quotes

I realized that I did not need to blame anyone, I just asked for help and did the task one step at a time. But every single time I got frustrated, I simply picked up the phone and asked for help.

Iyanla Vanzant calls us to recognize all the places in our lives that we need to bring forgiveness to, beginning with ourselves. Forgiveness is largely set up in a workbook format. But this book changed my life. Accept the events of the past, while being willing to change your perspective on them. I counted up and realized I had eight separate retirement accounts at five different locations. Comming iyanlla a childhood of multiple, sexual, physical, and emotional abuse I have LOTS of anger issues that I have worked on my entire life.

Reading this book helped me to think in new ways about Forgiveness. I received this book as a first reads winner and I am so happy I did. In Part 1, The Practice — Iyanla helps you to make the mind-body connection between the blocked energy in your bodies that stems from negative thoughts, beliefs, emotions and memories that results in physical or psychological pain.

Jan 11, Kelly Swinburne Pullen rated it did not like it. Your mother, father, girlfriends, boyfriends, etc are all covered in this book. That was really my iywnla issue with the book. Return to Book Page.

Forgiveness Quotes by Iyanla Vanzant

I really liked the forgiveness prayers at the beginning of each chapter, and found writing the forgiveness statements to be vanant and therapeutic. So grateful for receiving this as a Goodreads First Look selection for review!


I am only halfway through just reading through it and I can already tell that this will help tremendously with my anger issues.

I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for this review.

vanzanf I agree that holding onto negative issues create negative energy which leaves you feeling tired or depressed. I would definitely recommend this book to others. Love is always present, surrounding us; guiding, growing, and teaching us.

Forgiveness: 21 Days to Forgive Everyone for Everything by Iyanla Vanzant

Through the journaling pages and EFT Emotional Freedom Technique tapping instructions in the book, and the soothing meditations in the accompanying CD, you are given the tools to eliminate any excess mental or emotional weight that keeps you stuck in repetitive situations, circumstances and experiences that are not healthy or productive.

Very easy to follow through on, love the workbook format to entice people to be involved in the process. Refresh and try again. It was written beautifully and had a lot of great exercises that had me thinking.

There were some really good points made in the book that could help anyone be a bit more introspective. Get the Parade Daily: Very powerful exercise and forgiveness practice. We trust in them unconditionally. Mar 29, Dipa rated it it was amazing. The idea in this case is to tap with your fingers on specific meridian points to clear out blocked energy attributed to negative thoughts born of unforgiveness. Each vqnzant was devoted to forgiving a different person or situation, so I could see that anyone might appreciate at least one chapter.