Thank you for purchasing a Futaba® 10C series digital proportional R/C system .. Futaba FASSTG RFS or RFS receiver may be used with the 10C . SKU, Model, PWM Outputs, Ports, 2 Ports, FASST, Telemetry, S- FHSS, High Speed, High Voltage, Connectors, Range. FUTL, RGF, 4, 0, 0. Futaba radio control (RC – R/C) systems and accessories.

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Futaba T10CHP Transmitter, TM 10 FASST GHz Module, battery, charger & manual – RC Groups

The NiCDs and 15 model memory are baffling to me too. I do agree that running the timer from the throttle is a great feature, that’s the one thing I miss on my DX7. Futaba was the first major manufacturer to embrace 2. While it sounds impressive, it is actually nothing more than assigning switch for your different flight mode. Not sure why, but with the 10C and fasst setup, my servos actually consume a bit more power, about 0.

All the switches and functions are assignable, and with many functions they can serve more than one purpose. I ordered a Spektrum module setup for it, since the Spektrum RX’s are a little more affordable.

I was waiting for some real world experience on the system before I made my purchase. Setting up is super easy and has been this futabaa ever since Futaba went into the rotating dial menu features. Scroll down to the next page or press the joystick to enter your user name if you wish and adjust display settings.


Futaba T10CHP Transmitter W/Futaba TM FAAST Module and Manual – RC Groups

Last edited by theKM; Jan 06, at Some radios can feel very tight with their springs, but this seemed to have a good tension with very positive tensioning. I tried it with my hitec hb and found that the problem was with my TX. Fortunately the manual is very well-organized and easy to follow. When it changes to solid green, you are linked. The servos were like moving in “steps” and I noticed that minimal movement on the sticks produced no movement on the servos.

There are different types for airplanes, helis and gliders depending on the model’s configuration. Posting Quick Futabs – Please Wait. For the in-flight convenience all the knobs have a bump or position tell-tale so you know what’s going on.

The mixes themselves are exactly like the same as on the 9C. Please enter a valid email address for yourself. I have read a few complaints about the idle up switches being too close together, but so far, I have not found it so be so.

I tried the pcm module off fhtaba old 9C and it works flawlessly. I like the podcast too.

Futaba T10CHP Transmitter TM 10 FASST 2.4 GHz Module Battery Charger & Manual

When I moved the stick in extremely tiny steps, there are instances when the servos don’t move at all. Maybe one day they’ll come down. Bear in mind that different radio manufacturers use different terminology, so if you aren’t experienced with Futaba you’ll need to refer to the manual to check some of the terms. Tram Fly it like you stole it.

  ASTM A1023 PDF

Now press End, then press the joystick to go to Menu 2.

Originally Posted by kingsflyer Thanks for pointing out the weak batteries as well as the great performance. What’s quite excellent about programming the curves and even just the dual rates and expo is the visual graph. As to the latency issue of the 9C, I didn’t quite feel any of it when I was using the 9C, futana I can’t really comment too much about latency improvement.

I don’t think I could have gone wrong either way though.

It is not like the real “conditions” on the higher end models. The gimbals are smooth, and everything is crisp and smooth.

This shows you the model memory chosen, up to three highly configurable timers, the user name, the total time flown on that model and your trim settings. You should also name your model when you are on this menu using the character Name field.