‘Galaktika has agreed to pay each author whose work it infringed for the publisher of Galaktika, a Hungarian science fiction magazine. Phone, Suggest a phone number Galaktika Poetike ATUNIS Magazine, Brussels, Belgium. 2 likes. Posts about Galaktika Poetike ATUNIS Magazine. Phone, Suggest a phone number Galaktika. likes. Galaktika was a science fiction magazine of Hungary, published between and The peak of copies was very high.

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Out of all those authors we contacted, it was those who appeared in the editions that were first contacted by the publisher.

Additionally, this isn’t a first publication, just a reprint in translation. Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer. We began our research based on an online caution for foreign writers and ended it with the discovery of a series of stolen works. A Clash of Western Civilizations. Istvan Burger, editor-inchief of Galaktika responded to our article in the following way: Thoughts from Behind the Ironic Curtain.

Order by newest oldest recommendations. For at least half a century, the U. When we last contacted the agency representing the Anderson estate and fifteen other affected authorsthey claimed that negotiations were underway with the publisher – more on that at the end of the article.

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Two stories in Galaktika

The agency representing the Clarke estate stated that after our first article on this issue all previous debt was settled by the publisher.

The Authors Guild has served as the collective voice of American authors since its beginnings in Following our first article, they galaktima out a statement to the affected agencies, which appeared in Hungarian also. Multiple works can be accessed for free on the Clarkesworld website.

After magazinne our article, Anna Grace Carpenter checked volumes of Galaktika published beforeand contacted authors. The peak of 94, copies was very high compared to the population of Hungary [pop.

We are allowing in — indeed transporting in — hundreds of thousands of people in an unregulated manner from regions in which the European Union is at war. And four, because they are unfairly profiting off the work of others, and have been for years.

Galaktika Magazin (galaktika_hu) on Pinterest

This story is full of bits of American history that are very obscure even to most Americans. Galaktiika 25 25 50 All. Not for us, but for the planet, for Life.


Sadly, one cannot eat exposure, or pay rent with it. That is how after two pirated short stories, Ken Liu allowed to reprint a third one. This is not over yet It would be a problem even if the illegal publishing of a work occurred in a single instance; however, it seems that it is a regular practice for the Galaktika magazine with a HUF price tag to publish stories found free online and translated without any sort of consent.

Furthermore, we will investigate whether the short stories found in the magazine each coming month and contact the authors about whether they have been informed about the publication. It turned out that besides the reprinted short stories, there was also at magazije one novel that needed to be discussed between the parties; but we have no further information about this issue. Sawyer, Theodore Sturgeon, and Jane Yolen were all reprinted without permission.

Thasaidon Zothique John Langan: Dollarhyde also stated that they have turned to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America with regards to the issue. Both Ray Cluley and Steve Rasnic Tem informed us that since our last email they were paid and got contributor’s copies as well. You galaktuka now find quite a few superb Hungarian wine producers.

A Russian sorceress who hunts fugitive Nazi mages in South America discovers that she has a far larger destiny than her late master led her to believe.

In reality, every single edition of the magazine can be ordered from the Galaktika websitewhile those released post can also be accessed electronically through Dimag. Another author was not that fortunate: Clarke reprinted by Galaktika. Burger also stated that concerning the royalties of the novels, everything has been taken care of; this may in fact be true considering that the only known problematic novel was dealt with following the release of our article in Matazine. Ina short story was published by the author of the aforementioned list, Doug Smith; in he received his royalty from Galaktika.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Magqzine of America. We attempted to contact each of the authors to see whether they sold the rights one by one, although this in talaktika would seem strange.

Galaktika placed emphasis on reprinting stories by the grand masters of sci-fi, fantasy, horror genres dating gslaktika to even the 19th century. Magazlne editors of Strange Horizons have already demanded to make those editions inaccessible, which have stolen material from their authors; so far these demands have not been gaaktika.


Either Galaktika reprinted short stories that are available online for free; or the magazine reprinted short stories otherwise found in anthologies. Although we focused mainly on stolen short stories, there were a number of interviews which we also examined; these were done by a mysterious journalist called Kantum Linda, who conversed with the biggest Hollywood celebrities.

If we are not going in the direction of federalism, but in the direction of nation-states, it is not certain that the whole thing will fall apart.

Galaktika Poetike ATUNIS Magazine

There is one paragraph though, which was omitted in the Hungarian version: Such practices do not exist legally, even in such cases the publisher is required to request permission. Galaktika told Tanith Lee that they printed her work without permission in order to test whether her style met the demands of the Hungarian public at all.

It soon became obvious that this Kantum Linda is a fictive person possibly an alias for the magazine director Mund Katalin and after some Google searches it we were sure that she held no interviews with these personalities. This has been going on for a while During our investigation we contacted multiple papers, publishers, literary agents, and authors. I was the one who had informed Popular Science of the Hungarian translations of this collection; they had given no consent whatsoever.

Before the interview with the heads of Galaktika, I began researching the magazine, which is when I discovered the Foreign Market List by Doug Smith ; he listed a number of foreign publication opportunities for SF authors and labelled the papers in each country according to how they handle submitted pieces. The Guild is dedicated to creating a community for authors while advocating for them on issues of copyright, fair contracts, free speech, and tax fairness.