Ivan Alexander Galamian was an Iranian-born Armenian violin teacher of the twentieth century. He wrote two violin method books, Principles of Violin Playing and Teaching () and Contemporary Violin Technique (). Galamian. The scales are written out in Galamian’s books, Contemporary Violin Technique, Volumes 1 and 2. I will tell you mostly about the three-octave. Galamian/Neumann Contemporary Violin Technique Book 1.

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Therefore profession of an instrumental teacher can be recommended only to persons who have a strong family behind them and have good and strong nerves.

The child should act according to it’s feelings and should get to know it’s strong sides by itself and should develop these strong sides by itself and should not be talamian always or humiliated always by comparisons with other children. In this way the bigger part of the finger tip stays at the right side of the string, and any vibrato is more easy and gets more volume.

Archived from the original on April 6, When metuod finger tips fall on the strings The fingers should “hang” individually over the strings.

In any case the blocking of energy by the Steiner school can be that strong with the pupil’s person that the Steiner pupils are more or less always depressive in the lesson with the instrumental teacher, because so many problems are charging the pupils so they hardly want to play any music instrument yet. When there are violon and easy runs the elbow can be hold a little bit to the left, so the finger come on the finger board with a flat position, with the fleshy part of the finger tip.


Technical training details 9.

kethod Pupil persons often are making just the contrary and accelerate the bowing speed and the bowing pressure, but just the contrary is needed.

But keeping the lowest note when the melody is continuing in the bottom line, this requires a breaking procedure top down. Therefore the vilin can knock harder, with the bony part of the finger tip. Uploaded by garthus1 on February 9, Sound production with a straight bowing 5. Hand vibrato The hand is swinging and the arm is not moving. Straight bowing Straight bowing is the base of all bowing technique.

The ideal location of contact has to be felt by instinct.

Ivan Galamian: Basics and methods of violin playing

The finger is becoming the “angle” of the hand. When the pressure of the bow is not controlled, so the tone is changing. Training for this is performed the best in the 3d position when the palm is touching the body of the violin, and first the methpd begins with the 2nd finger: This facilitates the orientation of the hand during playing.

Until about the violins and violas had no chin holder yet]. The location of contact and the direction of bowing have to be maintained. It’s child abuse and slavery.

Ivan Galamian – Wikipedia

He did not retire and maintained an active full-time work schedule. When the position of bowing is changed, so hand and arm should be allowed to adapt and have to find a new mehtod among themselves. The form of the thumb’s position has to be adapted always to the neck of the violin.

Keeping longer the upper or the second upper note is no problem when the chord is broken from the bottom up. Because it cannot be the sense and the purpose that some persons are exploiting the “heart” of other persons and the persons “with heart” are always giving in.


Kinds of bowing The list is giving the succession of bowings learnt by the pupil’s person 1. They never will get their own musical feet, but they will be “skilled craftsmen”. For the technique scale studies are useful. This vibrato is very narrow and can be trained ga,amian sound in gapamian mute way. There are other breaking procedures which are not so common: Attacking the string with the bow 7.

They have done this so that they can continue to sell a work which is legally in the Public Domain and literally ‘steal’ money from unsuspecting students and customers.

Galamian/Neumann – Contemporary Violin Technique, Book 1 – Galaxy Edition

Therefore one should only apply the force which is really necessary performing the music, this means — “knocking” at the fingerboard when there are important runs — putting a “finger’s accent” when there are special accents in the music peace on an unique note putting the finger on the finger board with much force.

The hand is leading.

Characters of a “good musician” at the concert — good sound — clear spelling and interpretation — habit to tell something — telling this with conviction — everybody can understand it.

All springs in the arm, the hand and in the fingers have to function well.