This tutorial is one easy tutorial that walks you through the basics of the program. Even if you have absolutely no idea of GIMP and design, you.

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It covers a lot of techniques on how to tutoriap in GIMP and how to nail down the anime style in your work. An updated version of this tutorial can be found here: There is certainly no shortage of GIMP tutorials, and even some of the less up-to-date tutorials often still offer value.

Especially when combined with the setup tutorial above. I hope this list speed you along the journey. The total time in real-world hours to complete this piece was over 5 hours so it makes sense that the artist sped it up.

High-end Design on a Low-end Budget? Then blur your layer and adjust the transparency with the slider so the background will shine through: If you want to do line art with GIMP then this tutorial is sure to please. One related video is this one on pressure sensitivity. In such cases, a good tutorial about GIMP filters, for instance this onecan help a lot.

You can learn a lot from speedpainting videos and this one shows you how to design a character in GIMP start-to-finish. Make sure you have the mask of the top layer selected and the layer is activated. In GIMP filters are an institution. You can scan in your work and get it looking spiffy with minutes of work following this tutorial.


Really this should be the very first step you take before ever trying to paint in GIMP. The next general tutorial on the list is ideal for helping you quickly find your way around the GIMP interface.

The Basics Tutorial

I think these tutorials not only teach you GIMP, but also give you a fantastic overview of exactly what it can do. You will get a new text layer which you can also see if you look at the layers dialog.

Now still on the plasma layer choose Add layer mask from the layer dialog menu. Learning GIMP can be intimidating at first. If you want to learn how to mix colors in GIMP, check this.

Ian Pullen has put together this thoughtful tutorial to walk you tutroial the basics. These differences go beyond pure cosmetics. Getting back onto the painting side we have this video from artist Johan Brits.

40+ Best Free GIMP Tutorials For Beginners (Drawing & Painting)

If you want to get into painting environments then check out this awesome video covering a landscape painting in GIMP. You do not have to be careful: But it does have so many features that you need to learn as tutorizl go.


Photo retouching is another common task for GIMP users. It may vary based on your tablet resolution but most pressure sensitivity works the same. It covers practically everything you would want to know gimpps the interface, the tools, and how GIMP works. Of course, you can use QuickMasks for much more than this. Or if you have two monitors!

Now make sure you uncheck the button again and move the layer some pixels to the right and downwards. That means if you buy something we get a small commission at no extra cost to you learn more. In reality, this falls closer to the realm of pure programming than classic visual design.

I know that not everyone wants to learn pixel art but I will say this tut is phenominal. Choose the mask to be white. Now activate the text layer again. I also really like this color guide which spans 7 minutes and offers a very quick intro for beginners. Alternatively have a look at this huge gallery of tutorials all on DeviantArt.