This study is a key reason why GMP became popular as an accelerated laboratory corrosion test for steel. In recent years GMP has been replaced by. of the reference specimens in the as-received condition are in Figure 3. The salt fog test used an abbreviated procedure (Table 3) of the standard GMP test. Find the most up-to-date version of GMP at Engineering

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This method may involve hazardous materials, operations and equipment. This is considered an out of date browser. Coupons consist of The spray nozzle shall be such that the salt solution is atomized into a mist as required. Figure 1 shows a completed coupon rack configuration. Also, the reasons why the targeted value s was not obtained should be investigated and corrected before resuming 950p test.

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The test sample s shall be inspected for corrosion and photographed at the end of predetermined cycles. The number of coupons required for different test durations are shown in Table 1. Any option changes not called out specifically in this Appendix must be included on the engineering drawing. So this information should not be used as a substitute for referring to a complete test standard, at an appropriate revision level.


The temperature and humidity conditions are shown in Table 3. Typically no modifications of this shift. The salt mist solution shall be as specified in Table 3. This procedure supersedes any old procedures that may have referenced an “A” or “B” Test Method Method A is eliminated.

A cycle is made up of the daily events or test inputs prescribed in Table 4. The quantity of spray applied should be sufficient to rinse away any salt accumulation left from previous sprays.

GMP | Standards | Ascott Analytical

Garden dusters from the following ym could be modified: Though believed to be accurate at the time of writing, this may change hm time. Contact Ascott for Further Information. This procedure describes an accelerated laboratory corrosion test method to evaluate assemblies and components. Use Option IV – for door detents without weatherseal protection Use 9540pp VI – for door detents with weatherseal protection 1 test cycle is equal to 24 h, 1 phase is equal to 8 cycles.

Test Conditions The test consists of alternating wet and dry cycles with precisely prepared salt solution. The humidity cabinet shall be as specified by GMP and Table 3. These methods should be used when reporting test results unless stated otherwise on drawings or agreed upon by test requestor and testor.

  DSEI12 06A PDF

Also, synergistic effects due to temperature, mechanical and electrical cycling can be comprehended by this test.

The test is generally made up of 3 shifts: Test acceleration can be optimized and tracked by using standard corrosion coupons as monitoring devices. Both are excellent browsers. In addition to the sample data and test results, reports must indicate the total number of cycles run, any modifications to the test see Appendix Athe Equipment and Test Record Form Appendix B and should include photographic documentation and the coupon mass loss values.

The dryoff environment area shall be maintained with sufficient air circulation to prevent temperature stratification, and also allow thorough drying of the material. The latest revisions include: Typically, the time from ambient to the wet condition should be approximately 1 h and the transition 9450p between wet and dry conditions should be approximately 3 h. Test durations A and B can be used for quality control and validation procedures as appropriate.

Four 4 coupon thicknesses are available as shown in Table 2. The solution shall 950p sprayed as a mist for example, from a plastic bottle onto the test samples and coupons.