In there were a number of changes made to the State Pension. in a ‘ contracted out’ personal or workplace pension scheme – for example, if you have been a By donating today, you could help us answer more calls to our Advice Line, campaign harder for older Share on Facebook · Tweet; Print. The UK Government gives tax relief on contributions you pay into pensions. The idea is to encourage people to provide for their own retirement rather than rely. Under the Pensions Act , every employer in the UK must enrol certain staff into a By all employers must provide a workplace pension scheme.

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The new State Pension

Find out more about cookies. Under the Pensions Actevery employer in the UK must enrol certain staff into a workplace pension and contribute towards it. This is called ‘automatic enrolment’. Employers are required to enrol their eligible workers into a workplace pension if they are not already in one.


This will enable people to save to have an income other than their state pension when they retire. Workers’ pensions will be made up of their contributions, employers’ contributions and tax relief and will be a percentage of the u earnings.

The Pensions Advisory Service

Employers can choose how to work out the qualifying earnings which can be either:. Employers will be given a date from The Pensions Regulator when their automatic enrolment duties come into effect.

This is called a staging date, and is set in law. If an employer has any workers who fall outside the criteria above they don’t have to enrol them into the pension scheme unless they ask to join.

However, they may decide to pay more if they wish. Workers may choose to leave or opt-out of the pension scheme at any time by signing an opt-out form. If any worker opts-out within a month of joining the scheme any money paid in will be paid back to them.

The new State Pension | Pensions | Age UK

If opting out any later then it will depend on the pension scheme’s rules, normally this will mean it stays in the pension until the worker retires. The Pensions Regulator is responsible for ensuring that all employers comply with workplace pension law.


It’s important that employers understand what they will need to do and the date that the law will apply to them. The Pensions Regulator has guidance and support at www. Acas conference 5th Dec: Terminal illness in the workplace.

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Manage a registered pension scheme

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