Принципиальная схема, service manual Grundig GRUNDIG Megatron SEA PIP/ GRUNDIG STCUCHz. GRUNDIG hz Service 3 Technische Daten. Please note the Grundig Catalog “Test and Measuring Equipment” obtainable from: . 82cm (32″) MEGATRON Super Flat, Black Matrix, CCS, Invar, Philips/ °. View and Download GRUNDIG M /8 IDTV/LOG user manual online. COLOR TELEVISION. M /8 IDTV/LOG TV pdf manual download.

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Adjusting the sound Headphones You can carry out four different sound settings Insert the headphone plug 3.


M L 2 15k M n. Don’t have an account? The regulations and safety instructions shall be valid as provided by the “Safety” Service Manual, part numberas well as the respective national deviations.

PIP position Feed in a transmitter picture.

GRUNDIG M 70-281/8 IDTV/LOG User Manual

Bedienunngsanleitung a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Press “OK” for confirmation. Siehe Abgleich Punkt 3. Tuner Typ Call up the “Terr. Adjust the values for red, green and blue so that the picture becomes achromatic.


Grundig M 55-2800/8 A IDTV LOG user manual

This mains cable prevents interference from the mains supply and is part of the product approval. Positions Inserting the battery in the remote Selecting dialogue language control You can select several languages for the dialogue between you and your TV set.

With the “off” option, no information is displayed when changing the programme. The upper border sharpness must not be worse than the centre sharpness – set to average value if necessary.

Align the geometry test pattern beginning with the vertical alignment see alignment point Multi 9 siehe Abgleich Punkt The regulations and safety instructions shall be valid as provided by the “Safety” Service Manual, part numberas well as the respective national deviations. Bei “manuell” wird angezeigt, dass ein oder mehrere Programme unterschiedliche Einstellungen haben. Select the appropriate remote control type.

Press h and G buttons. The number of flashing pulses indicates the defective module according to the table. Only when this is done position the picture contents into the centre of the screen.

Call up the “Noise reduction P.

Call up teletext index page. Call up the service menu: Die Programme 1… werden dabei gleichzeitig eingstellt. The Module List and the relevant part numbers are listed bedienungdanleitung the table on page 4. The settings “Voice”, “Music”, or manual can be selected in the “Presettings” menu.


Sound Settings Press the “blue” button to call up the “Sound settings” menu.

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Special Functions Using the special functions! Den Darstellungswinkel zum Bildschirm auf Null abgleichen. Die Anzahl der Blinkimpulse zeigt den defekten Baustein lt.

Multi 9 see Alignment, Point Your authorised dealer will tell you Set the brightness so that the grkndig test pattern background just brightens. Display a PIP picture.

RED 15 SI n. CC CR The measured values given in the circuit diagrams are approximates! Determine the exact operating voltage UB. After an incorrect alignment you may reload this basic megafron at any time: Eventuelle Laufzeitunterschiede zwischen Y und Chroma optimieren. PLL demodulator circuit for Re-adjust the picture width according to the test pattern.

CC xx CC n.