(This very great prayer requesting Guruvayurappan(Lord of Guruvayur) . Sloka prayers for solving various problems Compiled by Sri Vathsa. Given below is the collection of last slokas from Daskasmn 81 to 90 of this great devotional put the slokas in context. O Lord of Guruvayur!. While above Guruvayur he smiled at the pompousness and vividity of the procession by chanting 8 slokas in praise of Govinda, known as Govinda Ashtakam.

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Krishna released all those kings kept in captivity by Jarasandha and asked them to go back to their sokas kingdoms and look after their subjects. A few drops of water unintentionally fell upon Chemmangatt Amma, another lady of the locality who had finished her bath. Villwamangalam could not cure him and told that the pain is the result of his past karma. It was real funny. In modern times, this well known scholar and Upanyasa Chakravati was cured of his leprosy by praying to Lord Guruvayurappan.

Poonthanam showed the draft of his Jnanapana to Melpathur. Arjuna, on the advise of Krishna, defused the Brahmastra of Ashwathama but still it still entered the womb of Uttara, wife of Abhimanyu. O Lord of Guruvayoor who fulfils the wishes of your devotees!

The battle lasted for 27 days. Pradyumna, son of Krishna born of Rukminiwas abducted by Shambara. After ten mistakes in ten slokas Melpathur realised the divinity of the boy. He refused to see Slokae work and told him blatantly to learn Sanskrit and then start writing. When it was time for taking leave, You went to Radha and firmly embraced her.


Guruvayoorappan – Story, Miracles, Slokas, Guruvayur Temple

He took the ring off his finger and presented to Mangattachan. When as per this agreement, Manavedan saw Guruvayurappan in the form of little child Sri Krishna, he was so excited that he forgot himself and, rushed to embrace little Sree Krishna.

On the way he was stopped by a robber and asked to part with the items in the sack. Killed by Krishna he merged in Krishna attaining Sayuja Mukti.

The boy pointed out an error in the very first verse. After his bath, he was served food. Areas with water appeared to him as dry land whereas dry areas appeared as full of water.

Bana, son of Mahabali and a devotee of Lord Siva had one thousand hands.

The second time, he was born to Kashyapa and Aditi and took form as the avatara of Vamana. Kuchela realized that this was a bounty from Krishna for a fistful of flattened rice offered with love and devotion.

It was a bad omen and Alokas was bewildered. Acharya formed the principles for worship of the Lord on the request of the Lord himself. Arjuna sent Krishna as emissary of the Pandavas to Hastinapura where Krishna spoke, on behalf of the Pandavas.

Guruvayoorappan – Story, Miracles, Slokas, Guruvayur Temple

Malayalam was not accepted in the learned circle those days and Melpathur had contempt for Malayalam, which was not considered equal to Sanskrit. Melpathur Narayana Bhattithiri was a devotee of Guruvayoorappan.


From that day onwards the elephants used to leave Trikkunavay on Punarvasu to reach Guruvayur in time for the festival. Melsanthi came out from Sreekovil and gave Poonthanam the ring and told him what had happened. Then he remembered his refusal to Kururamma’s offer in the morning, and decided that it is the Lord’s wish that he should go to Kururamma’s illam. King Sutapa and his wife Prishni prayed to Brahma for a child.

[] – Legends

Both were accepted with equal satisfaction by Krishna who blessed both of them. Guruvayooorappan funny scene created by Duryodhana generated uncontrollable laughter in Draupadi and Bhima which Krishna encouraged on the sly by his sidelong glances.

Even to this day these principles are followed very strictly without compromise. Draupadi was dragged into the sabha assembly and Dussasana pulled at her robes. At the prescribed time he offered Nivedyam cooked rice to the Lord and thought in simplicity that the Lord will eat the rice, but the idol did not move.

In due course the Lord was born to them. Requested by Yudhishthira, he told the former all that was to be known about dharma. One day a devotee wanted a feast to be held for the Lord with a hundred measures of rice.