Find great deals on eBay for Heroquest in Traditional Fantasy Board Games. HeroQuest Replacement Elf Spells Cards – Expansion Quests The Mage Of The. THE ADVENTURE CONTINUES! Ten thrilling new Quests. Fantastic treasures. Gruesome 3-D monsters. You get all this and more in Return of the Witch Lord!. HeroQuest Hero Quest Frozen Horror, Barbarian Quest Pack English European information and This expansion has never been officially published in Europe.

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Your best bet is probably amazon or ebay. Advanced HeroQuest was a revised and expanded version of the HeroQuest game. Sure there are better games out there. I was not aware of the other two expansions, but have the first two you mentioned. Each Hero starts in one of the corners of the board, and must find the stairs. It’s beat to hell, but was very well-loved for a couple years there ?

HeroQuest Game Master http: Please see the wiki for a full explanation of the rules. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. Computer Games Back to Index. Please select a support frequency. Previously wxpansions with condition. Thanks for your hard work on this, it works wonderfully well!

Most of the rules are the same. Islebound Designed by Ryan Laukat. This book is scanned in full color!

Threads with spoilers in the link or post text must be marked as such. The American version are the newer version of HeroQuest. If the wizard is chosen while the Elf is not then the wizard player may choose any three spell sets.


Quest Book With Tiles! The attacker attempts to roll as many skulls as possible, and the defender as many shields as possible.

Got them all back in the day as a kid though, so I don’t remember the details of how or where I got them. This is a community, not an audience. Trap tiles are expajsions placed onto the board once a hero trips the trap. See photos for all you will receive. A version of the game for the NES was developed to a prototype stage, simply named “HeroQuest”, but never released.

Steam Workshop :: HeroQuest: Master Edition (All Expansions)

This is a scan of the European Quest “The Maze”. Orc Sword P A C. There are four expanxions of traps in HeroQuest: Up tofour other players take on a character wizard, elf, dwarf, or barbarian andventure forth into dungeons on fantasy quests. This item is incompatible with Tabletop Simulator.

HeroQuest – Collection

Want to add to the discussion? The box has a few signs of wear but over all in excellent condition. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki.

My sons are a few years to young, but I can see them playing the crap out of Hero Quest. Sch -Now including Expanssions ruleset! And much, much, more! I personally have the german version and cannot speak a word german. Dougal71 Oct 29 5: Use the Daily discussion and game recommendations thread for game recs. I have organized everything you will need and made quality of life changes like both Papercraft and 3D models that help me and my friends play, if you don’t understand why HeroQuest is so great, you should let BardicBroadcasts explain it to you.


Elf weapon tip is slightly tarnished at tip. Not sure about the other two Chaos Warrior P S U.

Hero Quest Expansions

If a pit trap is not discovered and a player walks over it, they fall in and lose one body point. Timlah Nov 29 2: We reviewed the manual and based on that we found the following.

There is only one version of the The Mage of the Mirror book, so no worry about what to print or not. Some must be played immediately before attacking or defending. This have helped me to replace my old parts and spice up the game. They must be downloaded separatly. Hero Quest Expansion Packs self. Included with this quest are new rules for using Skaven in your Heroquest games and an option to include Kili Thekkrsson as a Dwarf Trollslayer player character.

I count 35 figures. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date.