Hey all! Posted awhile back about wanting to get into the game. Scored a very large collection for a very surprising price from an old friend. Heroscape – All Official Maps & Scenarios [Web Link Link] Gencon Scenario, official scenario, dungeon adventure, and Lost Scenarios and . “A battlefield/scenario book shows how to build five battlefields, layer by layer. ” HeroScape: Rise of the Valkyrie is the original master set for the HeroScape.

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The 4th Massachussets Line gets high marks as well, but the expansion pack they come in only provides one squad. As for the map, all we need is Guru’s knowledge of the determined locations and a good photoshop hand, and we have ourselves an updated map! This is an ordered list, based on the Power Rankings thread at Heroscapers. If the other team has only adjacent attackers Range of 1 and you are down hrroscape a few ranged attackers, retreat to keep them at range and keep attacking.

A rustling sound from the underbrush caught our attention. Flying creatures can avoid all these obstacles, but they must land at the end of their move. Rules that handle being adjacent to an enemy figure can make close combat an ugly affair as well. It can be opponent elimination, getting to a certain space, protecting a certain figure, or holding out for a certain number of turns.

Suddenly several other natives appeared and one threw a heroscapr that whizzed past my ear. Waiting until year end can make you wait for stocks to fill up again, however. A true battle across time; a game that has been played down through the centuries. As it fell and shattered the zombie was visibly weakened.

Heroscape – All Official Maps & Scenarios | Wiki | RPGGeek

Originally Posted by Oliver Upshaw. Does anyone really know what the source scenaio this massive infestation herlscape A large flying dragon that comes with the main master set can breath a line of fire 8 spaces long and damage everything in its path.


This is already released, but will be updated with the room images. Utgar’s Invasion at Feldspar Pass: There is a massive hidden complex beneath the ruins of Montfre Manor where Vydar has amassed a great army. Page 1 of Like two silent sentinels, well fortified bunkers overlook the low valley plane and the ruined city of Stechavan. Obsidian Attack at Steam Alley Scenario 3: Orm’s Return, however, herosxape not so impressive. This immense cavern lies below the frozen mountains of the Thaelenk Tundra.

Due to a peculiar and unexpected warping of the time-space continuum, the device was split; creating an echo of the device in a parallel dimension. Choose figures that counter the other players or deny them a piece that you know helps complete their combos!

C3V Wave 21, Pack 2! I’ll say it right now and get it over with. For instance, when the game first starts and armies are moving into range of each other, you usually want to move your ranged shooters towards the fight last in the hope that they will have something to shoot at after they move.

Buried deep within a cave-system in Western Laur is a large subterranean chamber used in ancient times as a doorway to the underworld. It also means if you lose any when you have an unrevealed order marker on their card, you can place the killed figures on the other card instead, allowing you to still use all of the figures of the card with the order marker on it.

On one of the small volcanic isles near the island nation of Haukeland, amid molten rock and smoldering ash, the remains of the once sealed Mausoleum of Trowin now slowly slide into the Bitter Sea.


Song of the Pillars: A viking warrior, after he is killed, can be placed on one of your army cards to boost the attack of that army apparently, his spirit inspires themand so on. The battle lines have been drawn for some time in Upper Bleakwoode; both sides having dug in for the approaching winter season.

A group of six judges review, playtest and vote on maps that are nominated. We have quite a few scenarios to release, and once I start putting the files together, I’ll probably get into a weekly release schedule to keep from dumping them all at once, and to have some fun for old times sake. Made from virtually indestructible materials, its constant metallic drone is all but drowned out by the sound of the bubbling molten lava and hot steaming tar. There are also some extra scenario maps you can download.

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Heroscape: Maps, Customizations, Armies, House Rules

It also possesses enough strategy to make for a competitive good time! Nearly dcenario of breath, a weary scout, arriving back at base camp informs his commander that more armies have arrived and surrounded the Forsaken Waters.

Many different battlefields can be built by attaching and stacking the tiles. I supported becauseā€¦ “I use this site a lot and am heavily motivated by guilt. You get a much better sample. February 9th, Use ShopWiki for starters, then search on HeroScape items at the stores that come up. The primary master set, Rise of the Valkyrie, herroscape first available back in