A system for categorizing the distribution of the Mesoamerican herpetofauna. — Larry .. The Herpetofauna of Chiapas, Mexico: composition, distribution, and. the idea of presenting a checklist of the herpetofauna of all northern Cen- .. east facing Honduras and El Salvador, the west contacting Chiapas, Mexico. Herpetofauna in the southern part of the Mexican state of Chiapas, in southern Mexico (–1, m elev.; Fig. 1). .. Scientific collections in Chiapas state; 8.

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Related articles in Web of Science Google Scholar. With this approach, conspicuous features have been discovered: Along the Pacific Coast, the predominant vegetation type chispas tropical deciduous forest high seasonalitywhereas, on the Gulf Coast, the dominant vegetation is evergreen forest low seasonality.

The above analyses demonstrate that the diversity patterns, richness and endemism, vary depending on the spatial scale of analysis in herpdtofauna groups. To model ranges, there are a variety of algorithms that operate under different assumptions Peterson et al.

Previous Issues – Mesoamerican Herpetology

The percent of Chihuahuan species shared by a neighboring state are given in parentheses. The initials of the variables come from their Spanish translation. Map with locality records used to model the distribution areas. Hardy and McDiarmid mapped localities for this species as Leptodactylus occidentalisa junior synonym from throughout the lowlands of Sinaloa, including a locality in the extreme northeastern corner. Traditionally, it has been thought that the cause of pattern richness is an abundance of resources, such as net primary productivity e.


We report the mean and standard deviations of local r 2 of GWR. Local—regional relationships and the geographical distribution of species. Assessing conservation priorities in megadiverse Mexico: It is likely that at least four other turtle species occur in Chihuahua.

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In addition, we recorded the conservation status of each species based on three sources: Four of these six chiaaps are deeper than the Grand Canyon, some by over m. While checklists for Chihuahua are available e.

Stebbins indicates occurrence of this species in the extreme southeastern corner of Arizona, and in eastern Sonora near the Chihuahua border. Articles from ZooKeys are provided here courtesy of Pensoft Publishers. The level of taxonomic and biogeographical understanding and, especially, the integration of information relating to museum specimens have advanced significantly in recent years.

Six more species are found from central or southern United States to Central or South Hereptofauna Drymarchon melanurusDrymobius margaritiferusOxybelis aeneusSenticolis triaspisThamnophis cyrtopsisand Thamnophis marcianus. Coniophanes imperialisC.

Amphibians and reptiles of the state of Chihuahua, Mexico, with comparisons with adjoining states

When it counts, size does matter: Hylinae in northeastern Honduras, with the resurrection of Hyla manisorum Taylor. Although there is a widespread feeling among researchers advocating that explanations associated with processes that generate patterns of distribution and therefore richness are general to a certain degree, there is evidence which supports the possibility that there may be more than one mechanism involved in the generation of these patterns Gaston et al.


Strong, but incomplete, mate choice discrimination between two closely related species of paper wasp. Abstract The goal of this study was to compare the richness and endemism patterns of Mexican species of amphibians and reptiles at different spatial scales.

There are at least nine lizard species not yet recorded in the state of Chihuahua that are likely to occur in it; four of them in the deep canyons and lowlands of extreme southwestern Chihuahua; three in the extreme northeastern part of the state; and two in the extreme northwestern part. Six more species occur from central or southern United States to northern Terrapene ornata [Fig.

Oedipina from the central Caribbean foothills of Costa Rica. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

University of California Press, Berkeley, pp https: Here, we report the list of amphibians and reptiles that have been recorded so far for the state of Chihuahua. A total of species of amphibians and reptiles is found in Chihuahua. Viperidaein Panama. Five more range from Canada to northern or central Mexico Opheodrys vernalisPituophis cateniferDiadophis punctatusThamnophis elegansand Thamnophis sirtalis.

Courier Forschungsinstitut Senckenberg Another anuran species likely to occur in extreme northeastern Chihuahua is the Gulf Coast Toad Incilius nebulifer. At the finest scale of 0.