Hilti Expansion Anchors – HSL-I – Ultimate performance internally threaded heavy -duty expansion anchor. stainless steel version (HSL-G-R) is available if required, subject to lead time. For technical data, please contact your local Hilti. Field Engineer. Hilti anchor. Hilti Expansion Anchors – HSL-3 – Ultimate-performance heavy-duty expansion anchor (CS + hex head).

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Prior art keywords anchors sleeves concrete placement Prior art date Legal status The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion. I like these tapered nuts that expand and set a lead sleeve.

Pre-formed firestop solutions for pipe penetrations through fire-rated floors. Economical sleeve anchor with hex head but has been registered for another Hilti website.

Mechanical anchor – Type HSL

Thousands of customer product reviews. Uses the mechanical advantage of screw threads to obtain high expansion pressure.

In most cases, anchor rods are specifically designed for a given project and repetitive sizes are not used frequently enough to justify a stocking program. Carbon and stainless steel fasteners for use with chemical adhesives in concrete and masonry and other base materials Suitable for use in masonry materials, for post-installed rebars, in cracked and uncracked concrete with anchor rods in accordance with ETA report Extensive range of accessories available e.

High Concrete Accessories are the “essential connection” hhsl a clean, finished look and cost savings, too Go back to design of concrete structures and read up why we give cover to concrete beams and columns and it’s significance.

The specification for ASTM F covers straight and bent, headed and headless, carbon, carbon boron, alloy, or high-strength low alloy steel anchor bolts also known as anchor rods. More reliable installation Complete resin encapsulation Description of Circumstances: Designed to firestop cables and wires through fire- and smoke-rated firewalls.

Firestop Sleeves Safeguard property from water hiltk and mold while protecting life against the dangers of fire, gas and smoke spread. Dust control in construction. For snow blower parts and accessories, think Jack’s! A wide variety of hilti concrete sleeve anchors options are available to you, such as anchor bolt, sleeve anchor, and expansion anchor.


Connect structural and non-structural elements with anchor bolts.

Hilti concrete sleeves

CP Tub Box Kit One system for all pipe materials Metal anchor systems for fastenings in concrete, masonry and drywall. Hilti Firestop Cast-In and Sleeve Devices – CFS-SL – Firestop sleeve For use on drywall, concrete and masonry Ideal solution where cable configurations are regularly changed, such as in data centers, server rooms, hospitals, event halls or production plants Alibaba.

D for deck construction. Purchase from this hikti of Nos Hilti Concrete now. We offer software for design, products and usl for work onsite, training, testing and consultancy.

EBA – Hilti® M8 /8″ Long HSL-3 Expansion Anchor

With its expanding base and unique pin locking mechanism the Heavy Nilti Bolt is the ideal fixing solution between heavy weight steel sections.

Visit the Hilti website: Check out our range of Chemical Anchors products at your local Bunnings Warehouse.

There are many types of anchor bolts, consisting of designs that are mostly proprietary to the manufacturing companies. Strong A wedge-type expansion anchor designed for optimal performance in cracked and uncracked concrete as well as uncracked masonry.

F Grade 36 anchor bolts can be manufactured in plain blackmechanically galvanized, zinc or hot-dipped galvanized finishes, as well as others as per your request. Sleeves have been tested cut flush to the wall for metal pipes only and floor for metal and plastic pipes.

Install anchor threaded end towards the hole.

HILTI brand epoxy set anchor bolt systems offer a wide range of sizes and a technical support team for assistance. Provides an economical method of sleeving through concrete pour allowing cable or conduit to easily run from one floor to the next. McHugh Components source products from a large number of top quality manufacturers from all over the world to provide the best in agricultural parts and machinery.


RegisterSleeve Anchors and Nail Anchors A selection of economical metal sleeve anchor systems in a variety of lengths and sizes suitable for a multitude of fastening applications in concrete, masonry, and drywallRound Head Slotted Sleeve Anchors feature an expandable sleeve over a threaded bolt, with a nut and washer.

Install new shear bolts that are same size as original, M6x45 in Impeller and M6x45 full thread in the Auger. Identify the toggle bolt you need for brick, drywall, stucco and more, then find it quickly in Grainger’s stock. With innovative and affordable solutions, we have visibly changed forestry and woodworking for more than 20 years. Single expansion anchors come in six sizes, that refers to the inside diameter of the anchor, i. Choose from stainless steel or carbon steel sleeve anchors in flat head, hex nut head, Phillips flat head and threshold flat head styles at …Prices, promotions, styles, and availability may vary.

For fastening foam and other materials to concrete. Hilti manufactures a complete line of cast-in and sleeve devices for fire protection to protect against moisture and smoke damage. We employ around 25, people in more than countries to work providing leading-edge tools, tech, software and services. Free next day delivery available.

This can be helpful when analyzing circular patterns, or asymmetric patterns subject to a moment or eccentric load. Hilti products and accessories, available for orders, no account needed!

Hilti Heavy Duty Expansion Anchor Hsl-3 M16/25 Bolt Steel Zinc Plated

Anchor design at a click. All consist of a threaded end, to which Polyester chemical anchor.

Hilti services the professional construction industry.