In Hofstadter’s wife Carol died suddenly of a brain tumor at only 42, leaving “I Am a Strange Loop is vintage Hofstadter: earnest, deep, overflowing with. Not so fast, protests Pulitzer Prize-winning cognitive scientist Douglas Hofstadter in I Am a Strange Loop – the thoughtful companion to Gödel, Escher, Bach, his. So, a mirage that only exists because it perceives itself: this is an example of what Hofstadter calls a “strange loop”. He has an endearing.

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Obviously Hofstadter is a logically-inclined man of good standing I read Hofstadter’s “Le Ton Beau de Marot” a few years ago and was amazed by the author’s enormous knowledge. You get a level-crossing feedback loop whose apparent solidity dominates the reality of everything else in the world SL,my emphasis in bold. I would suggest that with careful work, he could learn to observe both universes in his own life and experience. Not only that, he is mistaken on a number of his assumptions, including the foundation of his argument — that physical external stimuli cause the same internal neural reaction.

As well as his odd philosophy of how love of Bach makes you a bigger soul. Prednost ove knjige kao i njena mana su mnogobrojne metafore.

Every now and then, we humans, despite knowing we won’t come to any definite conclusion, need to sit back and wonder what it all means, in a new way each time.

Notices of the American Mathematical Society. He tries to argue through several chapters that the decentered–“strange loopiness”–of consciousness comes about because cognition I enjoyed much of Hostetter’s account of the ways in which a strictly biological account of cognition fails to grasp the complexities of consciousness and identities.

This was xm going, but ultimately worth it for this non-mathematician. It also, of course, makes for a more readable book, and makes the ideas he defends with those personal stories more convincing. If it cannot, then how can you or I be here? So Hofstadter is here to syrange And that’s pretty damn cool: As he observes, each of us is a more than just a self; we are a collection of selves.


He’s muddying the issue by on the one hand making an equivalence between a “soul” and “interiority,” which is the self-concept, the strange loop, and on the other hand invoking “soul” as the vital essence of an individual, indefinable but definitely present, what gives a being worth, in Hofstadter’s eyes.

Your comments on Hofstadter and Bach vs.

For Doug, we should consider an animal conscious only insofar as it’s built up this kind of self-symbol. Log In Sign Up.

I Am a Strange Loop

I wonder if Hofstadter will address this. He is a wonderful teacher – he got me to understand – oh, how briefly – Godel’s ideas and how they translate into the real world, I think! Jul 16, Janie rated it liked it Shelves: Hofstadter, from the very beginning of his exceptionally discursive argument, presumes that what he is doing is constructing a metric of souledness through which he can estimate the size of soul or degree of consciousness possessed by an entity.

The metric employed depends on the hofstafter one has of course.

Douglas Hofstadter’s “I Am a Strange Loop” on the Self

In a nutshell, our quandary is this. Compulsively readable and endlessly thought-provoking, this is the book Hofstadter’s many readers have long been waiting for. I think there are much better ways to make this point than by talking about math. The mind ooop easily fooled after all so, this strange loop might hofstarter be an illusion. That’s at least the clearest evidence I’ve ever found that when I’m not around, I have a certain influence in looop heads, that they ask what I would do or think.

Is it philosophically justifiable to invoke qualia here or will social convention do the trick in which case the ostensible qualia drop out as irrelevant anyway, empirical im plausibility notwithstanding? If I were to die and she were to recall my thoughts and feelings about 19th century novels she would, in a sense, be re-processing my consciousness, as if uploading it like a program though Hostetter’s metaphors are at times less mechanical or technological than this, he seems very comfortable moving between physical starnge metaphysical tropes for cognition.


Dec 22, Chuck McCabe rated it liked it Recommends it for: Chalmers and Doug on that, and that this correlation is not belied by the fact that as a practical matter, one can’t translate mental talk into physical talk; they’re both functionalists that think that the essence of what determines consciousness is a pattern of elements, which could then theoretically play out on different hardware systems, so we could get AI, or maybe save someone’s consciousness to a computer and have them live sttange that way, or similar things.

I Am A Strange Loop by Douglas Hofstadter | Issue 78 | Philosophy Now

Why do we need to sleep? I say this because he explains that for Video Voyage II when he pointed a camera at the TV screen which displayed its feed, creating an infinite feedback loop he spent twelve hours with his friend just playing with that.

Does he go to lunch with the other philosophers who believe our mental states cannot translate into action, and wind up just walking aimlessly until they find a Taco Bell? For example, human brains can deduce false ideas starting with true premises because of errors of construction.