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It is necessary to emphasize that in this research we have taken into consideration only the translations published on the territory of Serbia during the 22 years in order to get the most realistic picture possible of the current trends. We are making this supposition for two reasons: There are other, internal factors and they are related to the shift of generations, training and education, working conditions of translators and similar issues.

El-Kelimeh is a publishing house situated in Novi Pazar Sanjaq area and it is a property of the Islamic Community administration in Sanjaq. El-Kelimeh, ; Sarajevo: First of all, it is safe to say that change of generations among the translators had occurred at that point of time.

And not only that, but it seems that these publishing houses started to offer titles that could be described as Islamic self-help books, written by a modern-day preachers such as Muhammad Metwally Al Shaarawy and Amr Khaled. We do not know what the results of these activities were, but we think that advertising is still unexplored and unexploited territory in publishing.

Although this period represents a natural extension of the earlier efforts it must be treated separately for at least two reasons. Serbian government should become more involved in spreading the language and the culture in the Arab world and other places as well as a long term economic and cultural investment. Second, there is the ever elusive issue of the language — how does one mark where Serbo-Croatian ceased to exist and newly born succesors surfaced?

For example, Serbian publishers often choose to print books in Latin letters so that they could sell it in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Reception In order to get even a slightly realistic picture of the complex issue of the Arabic literature reception in Serbia, we shall examine print runs of the previously analyzed categories, sales dynamics, media coverage, distribution and presence in the specialized periodicals.

We have to notice here that both translators and publishers are quite reluctant to speak of this matter which gives us personally a sense of unnecessary mystification.

Grad Semuda je otkriven u Saudijskoj arabiji u mjestu zvanom Mada-in Saleh. Though these publishing houses seem to have the necessary resources, they do not show any interest in presenting Arab-Islamic civilization in aspects other than religion.


For example, the prevailing conditions in the publishing area are more of an impediment than facilitation.

The literary works presented in the chart encompass various genres of prose and poetry belonging to different literary periods and style.

There are only a few publishing houses in Serbia that have translation jbn based on clear publishing criteria, and even less those which base the criteria on artistic and other qualities of the ljhbavi title. It was most probably organized by the Palestinian embassy and it offered only non- literary books about political issues.

The editors and the contributors were predominantly teachers of the Oriental Department at the Belgrade University. If we had had done differently, the contents of the table would have been very different, i.

As an expert in charge of translation quality analysis and setting standards in this area, he expressed his concerns regarding this matter in both his report which is uploaded on the website of Serbian Ministry of Culture and later in his interview for newspaper Politika: One of the immediate problems that ljkbavi pioneers had to confront aaljubljenih itself in the issue of co-occurrence of published literary works and their translations.

Nevertheless, as our esteemed translator Srpko Lestaric had noticed, to publish a short story in Politika was as good advertising for Arabic literature as a whole book, if not even better, due to a much larger audience they have.

The first Arabic translation of Mahfouz was of his famous novel The Harafish This is a paradox of its kind, given the importance of the names that appear among the translated authors who write in Arabic. The explanation for this tremendous shortage of translations of Serbian literature is quite simple — literary translators from Liubavi do not exist in the Arab world.

That level of the linguistic knowledge is insufficient for the demands of the literary translation. It is safe to say that these sad circumstances had deferred the expected progress in every field of the profession.

Most of the mentioned monographs, zaljubbljenih to be exact, were translated from the Modern Standard Arabic.

We were not able to obtain any concrete data, so we will mention here only the main ways of book distribution. That is why we have to conclude that organizing at 12 Dragana Kujovic, who transferred from Sarajevo to the Belgrade Department of Arabic language and literature because of the civil war, had begun translating after she left again, this time for Montenegro, where she works as a scientific consultant in Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts.

U ime Allaha MIlostivog Samilosnog. It is clear from the previously said that laws of Wild West still rule the kajim market in Serbia, and authors, translators and other direct participants in book uvojdenje often become collateral damage. Ljuvavi existing three year gap is probably the result of the authority shift between the two institutions.


Apart from more or less extensive information on the author, style, genre etc.

Uvodjenje Zaljubljenih U Vrt Ljubavi

Grehota je, nevina je The main characteristic of this period is a very modest amount of both direct and indirect translations from Arabic that were published as monographic publications and a relatively modest number of various, mostly literal and religious translations published in different specialized magazines. Biblija ne spominje Sulejmanove a. The second was by Dragana Kujovic, The Nights of Nightsand the third and last was published to commemorate his death in with a collection of short stories The Stories of Our Alleytranslated by Miroslav B.

The Prophet ; 2. Evaluative assessments and recommendations Previously presented facts and figures leave us with ljbavi feelings. HOW it gets translated? Kahlil Jubran is the most translated representative of Arabic literature by far.

But, there are still those rare professionals who treat their associates with deserving respect thus proving that it is possible to manage publishing business without cheating.

YU-Green Way, Beograd: We find that is a pity, because the impact that electronic magazines could achieve should not be underestimated.

Medicina srca i duše – ابن قيم الجوزية, Ersan Grahovac, Ibn Kajjim • BookLikes (ISBN)

Last but not the least, publishing houses from former Yugoslav republics, especially those which once spoke Serbo-Croatian Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovinacontinued to distribute their products in the whole Yugoslav territory, and that should be taken into consideration separately since it imposes some new issues. Most of the publishing houses specialized in the religious literature are situated in in Sanjaq, the area populated with Muslim majority.

Distribution of books in general also conveys to the laws of centralism, as we have mentioned it previously.

Also, these books are published in the territory of Serbia and they do target the local market, so they must be included in this and every similar research. Obviously, printing Jubran in Serbia pays off. We are not able to provide exact figures for the dynamics of book sale, but it is quite clear that direct translations from Arabic rarely live the second edition, and the third has so far been pure science grt.

By these circumstances we mainly refer to the civil war s on the territory of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and its impact on the whole region.

Po pitanju stvaranja Adema ili meleka.