Choral Prelude “Ich ruf zu Dir, Herr Jesu Christ,” BWV About the Work. Bach/ Busoni Composer: Bach/Busoni. Past Performances. Washington Performing. Check out Chorale Prelude Ich ruf zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ, BWV ( transcription by Ferruccio Busoni) by Vahan Mardirossian on Amazon Music. Stream. Check out Bach – Busoni: Ich Ruf Zu Dir, Herr Jesu Christ Bwv by piano Franco Di Nitto on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now.

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It is the antithesis of up and down when understood as follows: However, I she is using here too much vibrato for my taste. Perhaps he was not inspired by this text. With this kind och rendition you find yourself wanting to pay attention continuously.

When Bach made use of Agricola’s hymn it had presumably been used in worship for almost two hundred years and, as your p. What an obvious way to illustrate DOWN or falling! Not death and resurrection or even repentance and faith, but chris that we are declared righteous and that our imperfect works are accepted and obeying the law had become the center piece of his theology.

This cantata consists of only arias between the opening and the closing choral movements, and no recitatives! It is probable that Hemmel accepted the melodies along with the texts for those hymns supplied by M.

Cantata BWV – Discussions Part 1

Gramann 1 remember him? When I try to listen carefully without a score or text before me by now I should almost have memorized it it is extremely difficult to discern the words that are being sung.

It is supposed to fill up the gap in the choral-canatatacycle of To mention a few names compare Rif Braatz list: The pronunciation of German is abysmal. Thomas Braatz wrote July 2, Cantata BWV – Provenance. The Formula of Concord attributes the extreem response to the so-called antinomian position, i. Have we had a recording of the aria for alto, and we could assemble another complete recording -: This piece is also part of the Neumeister Sammlung which has been published by Wolff in ; the new discovered Bachworks in it reach from BWV to To me it appears that Harnoncourt has put the cart before the horse by insisting that vocalists, particularly those cjrist the choir, should sing the way a short-bowed baroque violin supposedly was played.


He became a city scribe in Vacha. Hence I presume that they have something valuable to say about this music!

The Recordings During last week I have been listening to four complete recordings of this cantata. Dick Wursten wrote June 29, Durch Vermittlung des luth. Considering the time this recording was made, icy is understandable that her voice is full of vibrato. I have not seen any commentator mention this, but the music of the aria for soprano Mvt.

Da er sich aber Luther zuwandte und sich verheiratete, verlor er sein kirchl. What happens in a jesi performance that changes its sound so radically from jeeu sound created by symphony orchestras today? Discussions in the Week of June 23, 1 st round. Aryeh Oron wrote June 23, Even when compared on an equal basis, the following HIP recordings can not be considered to be on the same highly inspired level of performance: Could anyone tell me if these are all variants of one piece arranged for organ or voice or if they’re separate works?

Ich ruf’ zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ, BWV | Alexander Street, a ProQuest Company

The ritardandi are particularly treacherous in this regard. Since I will not have time to review the other mvts. The very order of his argument–from the necessity of knowing how we are frogiven, to the necessity of obeying the law, to the necessity of knowing how this obedience pleases God–placed the law and obedience to it squarely at the center of Melanchthon’s theology. The sound of the soprano cantus firmus, however, is very good. Fourth Sunday after Trinity. I hope to see many of you participating in the discussion.


Sachs 8A. It is also more homogeneous; the different voices are harder to follow; the violin playing is a part of the whole rather than independent. What does matter is that they have convinced me that the emotions they convey musically are honest and true. In attempting to make music become more like speech, Harnoncourt chooses to emphasize the stronger accents and frequent breaks that one would hear in everyday speech and not the singing style of elevated speech that had been used for centuries in projecting ideas and emotions to an audience without the usual modern means of amplification.

Ich ruf’ zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ, BWV 639

The fourth, by Ramin, is the first recording of this cantata. Perhaps a wire recorder was used to record this from the air. Harnoncourt, from chhrist individualistic viewpoint, is looking only at the music as music, and he disregards the meaning expressed in the text. Enjoy the BWV The cantata text is formed by the unchanged five stanzas of Johann Agricola ‘s hymn. The occupation with the ‘love for the neighbour’ v. The cantata in five movement is scored for three soloists sopranoalto and tenora four-part choir, two oboestwo oboes da cacciatwo violinsviolabasso continuoan obbligato hetr and an obbligato bassoon.