The Secret Lore of Magic has 45 ratings and 6 reviews. Ita said: Crazy, entertaining but repetitive, often funny, very original. These were among my firs. Full text of “The Secret Lore of Magic by Idries Shah” . II THE SECRET LORE OF MAGIC The Lemegeton (Little Key of Solomon) is another book examined in. Results 1 – 30 of 64 The Secret Lore of Magic by Idries Shah and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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Of the Oracular Carpet for All Knowledge This is a method of making what might be called a magic carpet: Iries the point of view of other rituals of this nature, the Grimorium Verum is simpler, contains less taboos and restrictions!

Full text of “The Secret Lore of Magic by Idries Shah”

The knife must have had these words said over it: You can ask the whereabouts of hidden Measure, and she will tell you as to where it is, and how and when 10 remove it. Lists with This Book. The Jacinth of the Saphire is very shining yellow, having no watrishnes, and this is better.

Hircus, the Goat bucke is a beast well enough known, it is called of the Chaldees Erbichi, of the Greeks Massia. Around the circle is written: The Jacinth of the water is yellow and white. Alternatively, other magicians write that it could be drawn in gold on virgin marble.

Get quicklime and slake this with exorcised water, and put these in the jar. As particularly efficient conductors are regarded blood, bodily contact, food and drink.

The contents of the Grimoire may be summarised thus: Two small pieces of parchment made from the skin of a hare are thus inscribed, each with the blood of a black hen: One takes an egg of a black hen, laid in the daytime, breaks it, and removes the germ.


Let all them that suffer paine of the bladder eate it, the root of it being a little boild. And if his hand be drawn forth, they will shaah again to their own places, where they were before.

The Shoes The footwear of the Art are also white, with these signs on them: This stone bloweth like a paire of bellowes, by reason of the windiness in it. The body, after having been skinned, is thrown upon the flames, and.


These are the characters of fifteen inferior spirits: You must feed the creature with wheat-husks alone, daily. The actual Key is not or has not, so far been generally available for comparison. The origins of the pentagram as a symbol of well-being and il’ety cannot be discovered with any certainty at all. Thou, who elected Abraham as thy servitor, and who promised that all the nations shall be blessed by his progeny; and thou who hast manifested thyself to thy slave Moses as a flame in the Burning Bush; who enabled him to walk dryshod through the Red Sea!

I11 the first, Christianisation of the rites and formula became the rule. I h Rite of Conjuration When all is prepared, the master makes an oration against pos- ible interference by demons: Obey the spirits in this, that they may obey thee. There is nowhere that one can get. Not all rituals agree that a pact is necessary to the employment of spirit aid.

He that holdeth this hearbe in his hand, with an hearb called milfoile, or Yarrow, or Nosbleed, is sure from all feare, and fantasie or vision.

The root of it put upon botches, healeth them, and keepeth the place from inflammation of blood. Others say that it is greene and founde idties the partes of Parsia.

The asperger is made in the day and hour of Mercury when the Moon is at its crescent. Start the rite on a Wednesday, before sunrise. For if the heart and right foot of it be put upon a man sleeping, he will tell thee what soever thou shalt ask of him. If thou doest not ibis, I will constrain thee to appear, by the force of the Great Living iod, his Son and His Spirit. Therefore beeing in the tenth moone, hath this vertue in the first or tenth houre.


The Secret Lore of Magic

On the other side of the parchment, write melchiael, 11 akeschas. Also if the aforesaid confection be put in a vessel of bees, the bees shal never fly away, but they shal gather together secrt. It is of purple colour, and it is found nigh the bankes of the Ocean Sea and sometime in Persia; and it alwaies containcth another stone in it which soundeth in it, when it is named.

But there are a number which are good, and some uncertain ones.

The Secret Lore of Magic: Books of the Sorcerers – Idries Shah – Google Books

Yet this is to be marked, that these hearbs be gadiered from the three and twentieth day of the Moone, until the thirti[e]th day beginning the Signe Mercurius by the space of a whole house. And if thou shalt have the afore named hearb under the foremost toe, all the dogs shal keepe silence, and have secert power also to barke. If any man drink the juyce of it, it maketh him to do often the act of generation.