Ryan said: I have always been a big fan of Terry Brooks. Il secondo volume della minisaga Le leggende di Shannara, Il potere della magia, prende le Un demone molto potente, celato nei panni di un vecchio Stracciaiolo, è intanto sulle . Il Demone (Italian Edition) – Kindle edition by Terry Brooks, Riccardo Valla. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Il ciclo del Demone – 3. Il fuoco degli angeli (Italian Edition) – Kindle edition by Terry Brooks, Riccardo Valla. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device .

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A year-old girl, who is descended from a line of females who have been chosen to aid a sylvan in protecting a park in Hopewell, Illinois, is forced to confront the mysteries surrounding her family. However, I don’t hate slow-starting books.

Read any of the Harry Potter books for an amazing melding of real and fantasy demkne. But the worst offense was Stupid Secrets. Return to Book Page. Principal characters die as their personality flaws make their undoing, but most of all that could have been erased if any of these people actually thought instead of acted.

Running with the Demon

I also prefer reading fantasy novels that are set in mythical worlds. While there are some great scenes with some epic action sequences, they are interspersed by boring character development and relationships that refuse to evolve.

We get a generic coming of age story ol Prue Liss is called upon to make a personal sacrifice ik the greater good. The Measure of the Magic had some great characters and scenes that will have fans clapping, but overall it failed to measure up. This book left me feeling empty. Legends of Shannara 2 books.


John era stato invitato a cena dal nonno di Nest vista la sua amicizia con la madre della ragazza. The ending left room for a hopefully sequel book. There’s just an apocalyptic war between good and evil going on that almost no one is aware of, and evil is winning. I didn’t know what to expect going into Running with the Demon, but I absolutely adored this book.

They are at war with themselves, but they do not begin to understand the nature of the battle being fought. Now in walks John Ross to the town of Hopewell. Twenty years ago, Terry Brooks turned fantasy fiction on its head with The Sword of Shannara, the first fantasy novel to make the mainstream bestseller lists, and the first in an unbroken string of thirteen bestselling books.

Tuttavia Wraith ricompare attaccando ed uccidendo il demone per difendere Nest. Apr 29, Jeremy Michael Gallen rated it really liked it. Romanzi del Romanzi in inglese Romanzi fantasy Romanzi di Shannara. They are bound by deep secrets.

Brooks manages to remain accessible while writing detailed and reasonably complex prose, so If you’ve never tried out the genre, this is a great place to start. Jul 24, Jenn Andrew rated it it was amazing.

Feb 24, Adam Roll rated it really liked it. And this book had small elements of psuedo-christianity that was off-putting. Prue meets the King of the Silver River and learns that she is to be a helper in maintaining the balance between the Word and the Void, and soon finds herself colorblind except for a wandering scarlet dove.


The Measure of the Magic

Urban fantasy just didn’t appeal to me, despite how popular these books became. I didnt like the story very much. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It’s been at least a year since I read Bearers of the Black Staff, but I recall it being a lot more interesting.

Il demone — Reader Q&A

Your people, Nest, believe this of themselves. I am completely hooked on the entire history of Shannara and I plan to read all the books. I thoroughly enjoyed it. There are so many pointless parts of this book that the plot never seems to begin. OK, that one is minor, but the sheer number of similar instances drove me to distraction. Sep 14, Lighthearted rated it liked it Shelves: The answer is three-fold. The opposing factions lack power, detail, and urgency and don’t impress.

It became the first work of fiction ever to appear on the New York Times trade paperback bestseller list, where it remained for over five months.