The permission for this ministry, given in by Pope Paul VI, was implemented by the instruction aptly entitled Immensae Caritatis — Immense Love. From the. therefore an honored pastoral function. Extraordinary ministers are envisioned by the Instruction. “Immensae Caritatis” where there is a genuine. [] S. Congregation for Divine Worship, Instruction, Immensae caritatis, 29 January AAS 65 () p. [] Cf. S. Congregation of.

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Code of C anon Law25 Januarycan. Christ the Lord has left to the Church, his spouse, a testament of this caritztis love. It should therefore be arranged that at least some of the faithful always be present at fixed times, even if they take alternating turns. Congregation for Divine Worship, Instruction Liturgicae instaurationesn.

Session XXI, Canon III If we the faithful receive our Lord entirely body, blood, soul and divinity when we receive the consecrated host, then why is it necessary to stand in line for an Extraordinary Minister to give us our Lord entirely again in the chalice?

The Matter of the Most Holy Eucharist [] 2.

In order to preserve the dignity of the Sacred Liturgy, in any event, the external offerings should be brought forward in an appropriate manner. As regards projects of inculturation in liturgical matters, the particular norms that have been established are strictly and comprehensively to be observed. In every celebration of the Eucharist there should be a sufficient number of ministers for Holy Communion so that it can be distributed in an orderly and reverent manner.

Nor are other drinks of any kind to be admitted for any reason, as they do not constitute valid matter. This instruction reflects cariattis growing awareness on the part of the Church for the importance of communion in the life of the faithful believer.

The Matter of the Most Holy Eucharist [ Please select Ok if you would like to proceed with this request anyway. If there is time, it is advisable that the fit person chosen by the local Ordinary as a minister of communion and the person, referred to in no.

Please re-enter recipient e-mail address es. Many Catholic faithful over the last forty years have seen the all too common utilization of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion during the Mass. When required, Communion ministers may assist immendae consuming what remains of the Blood of Christ.

Congregation of the Sacraments

The choice of how one receives the Eucharist, whether in the hand or on the tongue, belongs to the communicant. Only when there immenzae a necessity may extraordinary ministers assist the Priest celebrant in accordance with the norm of law.


Bishop Caggiano Brings St. For the rest, the norms of the liturgical books are to be observed.

It is not at all the intention here to prepare a compendium of the norms regarding the Most Holy Eucharist, but rather, to take up within this Instruction some elements of liturgical norms that have been previously expounded or laid down and even today remain in force in order to assure a deeper appreciation of the liturgical norms; [9] to establish certain norms by which those earlier ones are explained and complemented; and also to set forth for Bishops, as well as for Priests, Deacons and all the lay Christian faithful, how each should carry them out in accordance with his own responsibilities and the means at his disposal.

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Allow the communicant to stand before you and make a bow of the head in reverence to the Lord. Particularly in regard to this way of receiving communion, experience suggests caritatks matters requiring careful attention. After this a second washing can be done in the usual way. Eucharistic Congresses and Eucharistic Processions csritatis Never to be used for containing the Blood of the Lord are flagons, bowls, or other vessels that are not fully in accord with the established norms.

The persons selected for the role of service as Eucharistic Ministers should be fully initiated, mature, members of the Church, who have by their actual Christian living shown that they have taken their faith seriously. Notitiae 30 pp. Congregation for the Discipline of the Sacraments, Instruction, Immensae caritatisijmensae Notitiae 38 AAS 65 pp. I may rightly be assigned to the non-ordained superior of men religious or to the superior of women religious or to their vicars.

Holy communion : commentary on the instruction Immensae caritatis.

AAS 39 p. Sacred Congregation for Divine Worship, Instr. To give recognition to the dignity of the sacrament and to stir caritats joy at the coming of the Lord, it is well to observe a period of silence and recollection.

Accept the chalice back, wiping it well inside and out, turning the chalice and using different areas of the cloth for wiping. It will be lawful for these faithful and these priests to receive communion a second time in the following situations: Like a provident mother, the Immenzae has established from centuries-old practice and has received into its canon law a norm according to which it is lawful for the faithful to receive communion only once a day.


In the songs, the melodies, the choice of prayers and readings, the giving of the homily, the preparation of the prayer of the faithful, the occasional explanatory remarks, and the decoration of the Church building according to the various carritatis, there is ample possibility for introducing into each celebration a certain variety by which the riches of the liturgical tradition will also be more clearly evident, and so, in keeping with pastoral requirements, the celebration will be carefully imbued with those particular features that will foster the recollection of the participants.

Over and above those listed, there are other situations of the same type that favor a second communion. The Reservation of the Most Holy Eucharist [ The ministry of the Eucharistic carritatis thus came about as a direct result of the great reverence and hunger Catholics feel for the Eucharist, and their desire to receive it frequently.

The Place for the Celebration of Holy Caritaits [] 2. Your request to send this item has been immensas.

Immenzae priest who in case of necessity has celebrated Mass without confessing beforehand must go to confession as soon catitatis as possible. Communion Ministers take their seats in the assembly area and participate in the Mass as active members immenwae the assembly. Local Ordinaries possess the faculty enabling them to permit fit persons, each chosen by name as a special minister, in a given instance or for a set period or even permanently, to give communion to themselves and others of the faithful and to carry it to the sick residing at home:.

Because these faculties have been granted exclusively in favor of the spiritual good of the faithful and for cases of genuine need, let priests remember that such faculties do not release them from the obligation of giving the eucharist to the faithful who lawfully request it and especially of bringing imjensae administering it to the sick.

Congregatio de Disciplina Sacramentorum. Furthermore, it is altogether to be avoided that the celebration of Mass should be carried out merely out of a desire for show, or in the manner of other ceremonies including profane ones, lest the Eucharist should be emptied of its authentic meaning.