SAP BW InfoCube – Learn SAP BW in simple and easy steps starting from Overview of SAP BI, Data Warehousing, Data Flow, Transformation, InfoArea, Object. What is Infocube? Infocube is data storage area in which we maintain data which we are extracting from source system physically. An InfoCube. SAP BW InfoCube is a type of InfoProvider on which queries can be defined or executed. InfoCubes can store data in real DB tables or virtually.

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If this data is loaded into BW, you will usually see multiple values in the queries exception: Documents that are changed during the reconstruction run display incorrect values in BW because the logic of the before and after images no longer match.

What are the InfoCube design alternatives? Similarly while writing that data Planning the data into the real-time infocube loading is not possible. Mandatory — User locks: Types of infocubes in BI.

However, the reconstruction processes this document because its data is already contained in the document tables.

Custom Name An optional custom name for the selected member. Is there any Transaction Code?


SAP BW InfoCube selection and configuration

You can also convert a real time InfoCube. Info cube contains dimensions, key figures, There are 16 Dimensions three are system defined and rest of customer defined and infocube having two tables F fact and E fact tables Before compression data in F Fact table after compression data moves to E fact table.

They un predominantly used for planning purposes.

Thus dimension table is not created in this case. There are various types of Virtual InfoProviders based on the data loading techniques.

Types of infocubes in BI | SAP Blogs

ni Errors occur only due to document postings made during reconstruction run, which displays incorrect values in BW, because the logic of before and After images are no longer match. Your email address will not be published. The Infocubes are used to create Summarized reports The 3 types of Infocubes are: Values must be zero-based and no larger than the number of dimensions minus one.

Do you go for partitioning or Compression? Cube resides on any remote system i. An InfoCube is defined as a multidimensional dataset which is used for analysis in a BEx query. It has the structure of a star schema. What are the errors occur during Reconstruction? What is meant by Compression of an InfoCube. Go to previous lesson: Virtual Infoproivder or Virtual Infocube. Infocubbes InfoCube consists of a fact table which is surrounded by 16 dimension tables and master data that bo lying outside the cube.


What Is an Infocube in SAP BI/BW? How To Create One?

LBWQ — Delta queued. Your own InfoCube should begin with a letter between A to Z and that it should be 3 to 9 characters in length. October 13, 15 minute read. When I completed reconstruction, Repeated documents are coming.

You can find the layout below. Infocubess are written directly into such cubes bypassing UpdateRules. The fact table and dimension tables in an InfoCube are both Relational database tables.

What are the mandatory steps to do effective error free reconstruction, while going Reconstruction? Are the InfoCubes DataTargets? So, we can go ahead and activate the object. Problems that will occur for employees may be useful…these standard documents are not useful.