WHEN AFFIRMATIVE ACTION WAS WHITE An Untold History of Racial Inequality in Twentieth-Century America. By Ira Katznelson. pp. When Affirmative Action Was White has ratings and 81 reviews. ” penetrating new analysis” (New York Times Book Review) Ira Katznelson fundamentally. When Affirmative Action Was White: An Untold History of Racial Inequality in One can speculate that Ira Katznelson has been listening to some version of this .

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And instead of seeing it as a leg up for minorities, Katznelson argues that the prehistory of affirmative action was supported by Southern Democrats who were actually devoted to preserving a strict racial hierarchy, and that the resulting legislation was explicitly designed for the majority: There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Because of this, unemployment and poverty amongst Southern African Americans continued to spiral out of control while poor whites in the same regions received economic relief.

They must serve a sufficient public purpose ot overcome a non-racial constututional and moral presumption, and they must be conditional on the character and strength of the teis that connect specific past harms to present remedies. But there is an important distinction, which this view aftirmative. May 30, Fraser Kinnear rated it liked it Shelves: The book concludes with a discussion of affirmative action.

The publication of this deeply disturbing wyite promises to create a national debate on the meaning of affirmative action and the responsibility of government.

This book outlines how African Americans have been excluded from many aktznelson the programs aimed at raising the lives of US citizens.

When government is directly involved, claims for systemic compensation to match systemic harm become most compelling.

Policy Papers

The text makes argument after argument against big government programs that pick winners and losers. This text may be useful to individuals who have limited knowledge of New Deal legislative history e. No matter which side of the Affirmative Action debate you are on, I’m sure that this book will open your eyes. The labor laws of the New Deal and Fair Deal created a framework of protection for tens of millions of workers who secured minimum wages, maximum hours, and the right to join industrial as well as craft unions.


Selected pages Title Page. Nov 23, Jsavett1 rated it really liked it.

When affirmative action was white | History and Policy

This allowed racial inequality not just to continue but caused it to become worse after the s and 40s. The damage to racial equity caused by each program was immense. Having written extensively on urban politics and liberalism, his new book, When Affirmative Action Was Whitejumps into the fray by analyzing the issue of affirmative action. No trivia or quizzes yet. Personally I can attest to this because as actjon who enjoys and studied history, I completely missed the significance of the New Deal on racial inequality.

I’m not sure that the programs that Katznelson described in this book are technically affirmative action for whites. This tie between past action and present policy has to be strong and precise.

The author provides a powerful argument for reparations and points out very specific ways that victims of these policies can be compensated. I read this book because I respect Glenn Loury and he uses it to teach his undergraduate class on race and inequality at Brown University.

The President’s analysis of how the racial gap had widened, though deficient, sought to clarify the facts regarding the present status of blacks in American society. Reviewed by Ryan Irwin You may also be interested in our article: First, the author looks at how African Americans were denied access to economic relief during the New Deal.

More By and About This Author. Given that the purpose of the unions was to exclude blacks, I would call it plain old discrimination and segregation. Katznelson believes that this history is important to remind the public of, because it illustrates that the majority of blacks in the country today and their children have been hurt by racially biased government policies and policy implementation.

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When Affirmative Action Was White | W. W. Norton & Company

The repetitiveness of the book made what would normally be a quick read take a bit longer but the information was invaluable. I think this is a great read, but recommend it only on the condition that it not be your only read on the subject.

Just look at our inner cities and crime among black youth and poverty among minorities. It would be callous to ignore the tremendous and devastating imapct of racism on American life. Through mechanisms designed by Southern Democrats that spec In this “penetrating new analysis” New York Times Book Review Ira Katznelson fundamentally recasts our understanding of twentieth-century American history and demonstrates that all the key programs passed during the New Deal and Fair Deal era of the s and s were created in a deeply discriminatory manner.

Trump, administration insiders and the lessons of medieval England. A focus on the policies about welfare and work, as well as war and postwar, which the southern wing of the Democratic Party successfully imposed during the New Deal and Fair Deal is consistent with this requirement.

The biggest policies towards economic equality in the 20th century therefore de facto excluded black Americans from reaping benefits on anywhere near the same scale as white Americans.