Isobelle Carmody was 14 years old when she began writing The Obernewtyn Chronicles. Forty-three years later, the final book has arrived. With the release of The Red Queen, the writer brings to a close three decades of her young adult fantasy series while hinting at ‘plenty of doors. My second part of my The Red Queen by Isobelle Carmody thoughts. See the previous one here. MAJOR SPOILERS BELOW. Seriously, don’t read on if you.

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See the previous one here. I don’t regret reading these books.

I feel that the whole series was a waste of my time with the “properly finished” final book. But it didn’t take me long to remember, I mean with pages to read, there was bound to be a nice portion devoted to linking this sequel back to the events of the previous installments. The World Building is fantabulous. Not to carmdoy the useless truckloads of information we issobelle getting which should have been cut out, should have been cut out!

Most of thee was irrelevant. I felt so sorry for him, yet carmoy the end of the book, it is clear that he and Elspeth will always remain friends. The only thing that stopped isobelel was the fact that I could imagine this giant tome of a book doing some damage to whatever it collided with. All the plots in the book were fine and probably should be kept but the execution was unacceptable. It’s an exciting adventure, at its heart, and an utter joy to discover how it plays out.

To view it, click here. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The book for me struck the perfect balance between individuals and building communities of hope and support for the public good. He was the Moonwatcher as I was the Seeker. Miryum, Ahmedri and Tash? Across all her writing, Isobelle shows a talent for balancing the mundane and the fantastic. October 2, at He’s my favourite character and I feel as if he was burdened constantly not only by the emotions of others, his own feeling of inadequacy due to his blindness and his passionate unrequited love for Elspeth who leaves and is never to return!?

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The entire contents of the last book plus half of this book should have been condensed into the first pages of this book. Has all her sacrifice been in vain? The breaks between Obernewtyn chapters, during which Carmody would write other books, has meant fans of the series have waited nearly 30 years to discover the fate of Elspeth and her clue-hunting quest to save the planet. Like remember when Elspeth fell asleep thru a plot point which was isobellee brewing since book 4? Elspeth was tasked with this quest at the end of the second book, The Farseekersby the giant Agyllian birds that saved her and healed her, and have since been watching over her.

O dearest Rushton whom I love beyond loveetc etc. But both series are very different. Cain having to get it awn with his nameless sister wasn’t exactly a highlight of the Bible yknow.

The Red Queen (The Obernewtyn Chronicles, #7) by Isobelle Carmody

While Elspeth’s quest as the Seeker is the ultimate goal, she has been closely involved in other plots along the way; in The Red Queenit is the return of the rightful queen of the Redport, a city far from Elspeth’s Land which has long been ruled by Gadfian slavetraders. The exploration of the ravaged landscape and the piecing together of clues combined with rushing headlong into the unknown and hoping it would pan out okay for her quest was also familiar and very enjoyable.

My favourite parts were the parts when Elspeth actually did cagmody. The Obernewtyn Series is amazing. I think at that stage, there were only meant to be four or five books! She didn’t feel like the character I knew from previous books and her sudden change meant that all the turns and twists of the previous books seemed wasted.

Her still-unfinished Gateway Trilogy Isobelle Carmody began the first novel of her highly acclaimed Obernewtyn Chronicles while she was still in high school. My biggest complaint was the pages and pages of info dumping. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! With each book the Obernewtyn world map has expanded like unlocked doors to ever more rooms. One of the things I absolutely love about Carmody’s writing is her skilful way of incorporating philosophical insights regarding humanity, our place in the world, and human interactions.


But I had to read through s of pages of her talking about finding the machine that was blocking talent. I don’t know that it’s possible to write a summary of this book or discuss it without spoilers, so I will simply say that I won’t give out any spoilers for this final volume, but if you haven’t read the first six books, there may be spoilers.

The Red Queen: The Obernewtyn Chronicles Volume 7

For someone who loves post-apocalyptic stories as I do, the section on Habitat which is, no denying, extremely length, it was far longer than I expected it to be was extremely interesting. I felt extremely disgruntled at the conclusion which left me with a sort of empty feeling – partially from the fact that this fantastic series has finished – but also because there was absolutely no reason for Elspeth to leave her friends and home behind!!

For the longest time, Elspeth has been like a larger-than-life figure for me, a mythological heroine, a close relative about whose exploits you hear, wide-eyed and in awe. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Unless you are an absolute die hard fan of the series just read a plot summary. Isobelle’s most recent picture book, Magic Night, is a collaboration with illustrator Declan Lee. I remember reading the first book thinking that it’s okay.

She would have been only a tiny child and what would she have had against Elspeth? But overall, I am glad that it is finally finished and happy with the way all the tiny pieces drew together in the end.

Some conclusions were simply brushed over and other were not clear at all. Okay, what to write about this book, and the ending of a series I’ve been reading for most of my life?