jitensha **EDIT** OK I uploaded the color version for your pleasure and 1 up to just show you all some of the art for my new ADULT TF comic, “Metamorph”. Source: #Metamorph+%28English+ Version% Posted 6 years ago by matt4; Rating: Explicit; Score: 10; ID: . #Metamorph+%28English+Version% Posted 6 years ago by matt4; Rating: Explicit; Score: 1; ID: ; Approver: .

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Anyone know where to find the rest of this? Even then much of it was drawn like a logo or badge, and several pieces were phoned in.

Metamorph | Porn Comics

Too bad it’s only sold on melonbook and not alice so I’ll probably skip it. Here is The Vault by RipperElite https: Though i didn’t come back in time. I think most would prefer below average art jitensh stories, but does anyone know this one tf author that I can’t seem to find.

Im a huge fan of Angrboda artwork, even bought some stuff earlier I used to buy her stuff frequently, guess that’s it for now. Coming metammorph from a long day at work, Katey is given some wine to relax by her boyfriend Jake. Maren was so anxious to get home the Park seemed tempting but she decided again to stick to the empty streets that laced the parks perimeter.

You can have one without the other which goes both ways.


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These are actually pretty good. Giant Hunting Art Plus! I remember finding so many, but I made the mistake of not saving any of them and they became lost to time.

Here’s the preview of Morphological Monster Manual, 1 story, 1 image.

So no, I dont have it unfortunatly. Then again, my stuff is remix of copyrighted material so it’s a grey area anyway. This is what the drawing is based on. I mostly do covers of obscure-yet-catchy ditties, and also isolating the music itself from TV-shows that have no official jitemsha release.

Not that bad with the yen conversion rate right now, I’ll just have to give up beer for a month.

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This is my fave kind metamorpu thing, and I’d love to know more context. Anyone has the full version of the camel pic? Were-rats Tentacle monster girl Sphinx chicks Futa Snake girls Each has 3 images, pick option 1,2 or 3. It’s really not that hard to learn but I can see the difficulty in getting it right everytime. But then I could jitenwha on and on about all the things I’m not into that I’ve got to shuffle through.

Thanks for the suggestions, and Merry Christmas to the thread. Images greater than x pixels will be thumbnailed. Does someone have Feline Powder? Get money from commissions and non-paywalled patreons, fuck everyone what doesn’t.

There was one TF, by Nothere3, which to avoid posting pay content I’ll say was very similar to this attached from deviantart. Of course I’m also not one to tell someone what they should do with iitensha life, it’s her choice and she gets to live with any consequence.


I know it’s not the same as your netamorph work, as what you do is entirely original and doesn’t really have the opportunity to metamoph “remixed” – closest I can think of is if someone turned your stories into full comics, or did one of your comics in a completely different art-style.

Ichigo has discovered how to manipulate his spirit energy in order to control the size of the women in his life dependent on his energy and cum to stay big. Also, I went to the trouble of downloading almost every image I could find in the depths of the Wayback archive of the OLD Transfur Forums – not entirely sure whose art is jitensba but there’s a bunch of BlackRat stuff under the handle of BlackDragon I found who you’re looking for.

I have loads of files mostly tf that I would be willing to return the favour with