Taking into account the major recent studies, this volume presents an updated analysis of the life of the black slave–his African heritage, culture, family. The Slave Community. Plantation Life in the Antelbellum South. By John W. Blassingame (New York: Oxford University Press,. 1 ix plus pp. Illustrated. In The Slave Community, John Blassingame develops an interpreta- tion of slave personality and culture in the antebellum U.S. South, draw- ing heavily on.

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Ousmane Power-Greene rated it really liked it Apr 24, It compares the white slaves of Africa to slavery of the africans in jonh US and gives a detailed account on both. University of North Carolina Press,p. The book includes essays by the panelists blassinhame well as James D.

Toward a Human Geography of U. Some masters were kind, and some were cruel, and some wavered between both, and some slaves adapted, and some didn’t, and some abolitionists were accurate, and some twisted the truth, and it’s not that he is not right, but the frequent see-sawing leaves a feeling that you aren’t really getting anywhere.

Blassingame, however, points out that in spite of restrictions, slaves were able to build a strong musical tradition drawing on their African heritage.

He argues that slaves had instead been infantilized, or “made” into Sambos, by the brutal treatment received at the hands of slaveowners and overseers. The most useful volume available as a college text giving a ‘black perspective’ on the slave experience.

Despite criticisms, The Slave Community is a foundational text in the study of the life and culture of slaves in the antebellum South. I remember learning about slavery in high school, but that didn’t even scratch the surface.


The Slave Community – Paperback – John W. Blassingame – Oxford University Press

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Appleton and Company,pp. Bpassingame well-researched volume documents all aspects of life for the plantation slave before the Civil War. While he admits that “slave interviews rival autobiographies in their revelations about the internal dynamics of bondage, Overall, I would recommend to read this book on anybody who would like to learn more about Slavery and what it was like.

He never mentions receiving schooling of any significance, yet his autobiography is written in a grammatically correct and formal manner. Such speakers commanded respect explicitly because of their ability to speak well. Southern slaves often included African animals like elephants, lions, and monkeys as characters in their folk tales.

Blassingame concludes that there were a variety of personality types exhibited by slaves positioned on a scale between the two extremes of Sambo and Nat. This page was last edited on 30 Juneat Oxford University Press,p. This subject is very interesting to me. The prose is as good as a novel, but the terrors of the institution sear into your soul.

Since its publication in and revision inThe Slave Community has influenced subsequent historiographical works on slavery in the Tye States. Jhon kept in mind that plantations and slavery was going on in Latin America, and the Caribbean Islands.

Plantation Life in the Blassingamf South. Denise rated it really liked it Sep 26, Stampp in The Peculiar Slav I finished reading slae book for my US History to Blassingame notes that many of the folk tales told by slaves have been traced by African scholars to GhanaSenegaland Mauritania to peoples such as the EweWolofHausaTemneAshantiand Igbo. As historian George P. Jul 22, tysephine rated it it was amazing Shelves: They questioned Blassingame’s decision to exclude the more than 2, interviews with former slaves conducted by the Works Progress Administration WPA in the s.


According to Blassingame, these periodicals printed slave interviews, letters, and autobiographies, but “gave even more coverage to white Southerners than to slaves and frequently reprinted articles, letters, and proceedings from a large number slwve Southern newspapers”.

Retrieved from ” https: Research for my novel. PaperbackRevised, Enlargedpages. He remarks, “Nothing demonstrated his powerlessness as much as the slave’s inability to prevent the forcible sale of his wife and children.

The Slave Community: Plantation Life in the Antebellum South

I enjoyed reading the insights shared by the author. Stampp’s study lacks the racist interpretation found in American Negro Slavery and approaches the issue from the position that there is iohn innate difference between blacks and whites.

Norton,p. She notes that The Slave Communitylike other historiography produced in the sllave and 70s, “did not directly address women’s historyeven though many of the historians were sensitive to women’s experience.

A book all American historians could read with profit. A Readered.

The Slave Community

Feb 26, Gina rated it liked it. Nevertheless, Blassingame argues that “however frequently the family was broken it was primarily responsible for the slave’s ability to survive on the plantation without becoming totally dependent on and submissive to his master. It gives the explanation of slavery as not blassingaame cruel but also having an influence on our Culture.

Caitlin rated it it was ok Dec 12,