trated in figure 2, include the National Command. Authorities (NCA) and JOPES Volume I also provides specific formats and checklists used. Cjcsm a Jopes Vol 2 – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. a Jopes Vol 2 -. [PDF Document] – cjcsm. 03a 31 december. joint operation planning and execution system volume ii.

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UTCs are built to accommodate how many days of sustained capability? The air expeditionary squadron is the basic war fighting organization of the Air Force and is the building block of the AETF.

Redeployment may include movement of forces or material from one area to another, to another location in the same area, or to the zone of interior for further employment, or home.

The NSC is the principal forum for deliberation of national security policy issues requiring Presidential decision. Allows users at different sites to ojpes common data sources, as opposed to identical data. The JPEC includes the following: Embed Code – If you would like this activity on your web page, copy the script below and paste it into your web page.

The NSC system provides the framework for establishing national strategy and policy objectives. Joint Pub Share this: Specifically this publication describes the Joint Joprs Planning and Execution System JOPES functions and the environments in which planning for and executing conventional and nuclear joint military operations are conducted.

The joint deployment process begins when planning is initiated for force projection operations in response to an action or event that requires protection of US national interests.

Accountability is first and foremost a command responsibility. Tempo bands and enabler forces contain forces from what two components? Hopes are the two deactivation possibilities? Activation relates to what? Obtain guidance for protecting such information from current security directives. Types of Restricted Access. Where are new UTC requests created? When deactivation is directed, the servicing MPS is responsible for reviewing each separation in relation to deactivation and assisting affected member in determining any selective alternative available to them.


In instances requiring multinational restricted access planning, supported commands must get permission from the Chairman, using the applicable action to allow non-US planners access. Unifed action refers to the synchronization, coordination, and integration of the activities of governmental and nongovernmental entities with military operations to achieve unity of effort.

Includes a classified supplement. What is the formula that tells how many personnel technicians service how many individuals?

Tempo bands and enabler forces contain both active component and ARC forces. The Air Force presents its force capabilities to satisfy commander fol through which concept? An A-UTC is a placeholder for deployable capability. What is the UTC development process?

All Air Force personnel contribute to the air expeditionary force AEF ; therefore, all authorizations must be postured in the unit type code UTC availability. This document describes in detail the activities to be conducted in each CAP phase.

Joint doctrine promotes a common perspective from which to plan, train, and conduct military operations. To flip the current card, click it or press the Spacebar key. Restricted access administrative policies designed to provide the level of planning security required by a supported command are explained in the following paragraphs. In order for joint doctrine to promote a perspective that is used to plan, train, and conduct military operations, it represents what is taught, believed, and advocated as what is right that is, what works best.

Pass complete!

These unit type codes are aligned in one of the air and space expeditionary force AEF or Enabler libraries. The provision of logistics and personnel voll required to maintain and prolong operations until successful mission accomplishment describes sustainment planning. What process guides the bol commanders CCDR in developing plans for the possible employment of the military instrument of national power to meet contingencies and respond to unforeseen crises?


Enclosure D – format and content of conplans and functional plans e. What are air expeditionary wings capable of? The JPEC includes the following:. Jopds planners are responsible for ensuring sufficient personnel support for contingency operation teams PT and equipment are scheduled with what team? In the event a member is stranded in a crisis area with no communications available, members are encouraged to report their status to any responding agency.

JOPES is the integrated joint conventional command and control system used to plan and execute joint military operations. A range of military force responses that can be projected to accomplish assigned tasks.

What are the different types of UTCs? Who determines the PT requirements at each location? In order for joint doctrine to promote a perspective that is used to vo, train, and conduct military operations, it represents what is.

Free Military Flashcards about 3S vol 2

During deployment and redeployment operations, the supported commander must build and validate requirements, determine predeployment standards, and balance and regulate the transportation flow. Another important aspect of the citizen soldier relationship, which is also true with Air Force Reserve members, is the broad range of talent and experience that traditional Guard members bring from their civilian jobs to their military assignments.

Activation relates to recall, volunteerism, and call up. Iopes DOD is composed of what agencies?