dan Tamadun Melayu UKM Bil. 25 2 kali C .. China Information: A Journal on Contemporary China Studies X A Journal of Chinese Linguistics A. SENARAI NAMA JURNAL BERWASIT ANTARABANGSA DAN Forum: A China Studies Journal. Institute of China. Studies .. Sari, Jurnal Alam dan Tamadun. Items 51 – 75 of 75 Jurnal Peradaban merupakan jurnal inter disiplin terbitan tahunan yang ilmu tentang antara-peradaban/antara-tamadun, falsafah, bahasa.

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The journal publishes original research articles in the field of library and information science LIS as well related domains that encapsulate information and knowledge. H Electronic Printed Electronic. Language is an important factor in determining positive interaction within individuals in a society.

JICE provides theoretical and practical importance and relevance to scholars, policy-makers and practitioners alike with interest in the field of international juenal comparative education. All research papers must include literature, theoretical framework and methods. This includes the discussion on fiqh and its jurisprudence, economics, law, political sciences, public administrations and social Sciences.

However, Volume 17 and Volume 18 were published as single issue volumes. This led to the accommodation and assimilation of culture and the sprucing up of the Malay vocabulary. The people of the Peninsular of Malaya started interacting using various languages like Malay, Chinese and Tamil. Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Heritage.

U Electronic Printed Electronic. This taamadun is double-blind review concerned with research results in the tamadn sciences and humanities in the area of Southeast Asia.

e-Journal – Official Website Universiti Malaysia Sabah Library

Bloomberg Electronic Printed Electronic. The journal welcomes submission of articles, research papers, report on Shariah court cases and book reviews in the field of Shariah studies. Jurnal Peradaban Jurnal Peradaban merupakan jurnal inter disiplin terbitan tahunan yang berwasit oleh Pusat Dialog Peradaban, Universiti Malaya, yang menyiarkan makalah yang berfokus kepada dimensi peradaban.


SinceJurnal Syariah has increased its publication to thrice a year. Ta,adun Faculty of International Finance. It also encourages contribution about professional policies, practices, principles and progress in the Tamxdun fields.

Journal of China and International Relations

It was not long thereafter that this journal began to gain interest by the international research community. Init was decided that a change in the journal name had to be made in order to reflect the international participations and the international contributions to this journal. KATHA is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal with readership throughout the field of humanities, social and natural sciences. Propagation of Ornamental Plants.

A hamadun not necessarily comprehensive list of areas include: All aspect of medicine, medical systems and management; surgical and medicinal procedures; epidemiological studies; surgery and procedures of all tissues ; resuscitation; biomechanics; rehabilitation; basic science of local and systemic response related to the medical sciences; fundamental research of all types provided it is related to medical sciences; cell, proteins and gene related research; all branches of medicine which may include but not limited to cjina, radiology, surgery, orthopaedics, ortholaryngiology etc.

Interaksi budaya India & Cina ke atas pengukuhan bahasa dalam Tamadun Melayu

American Cinematographer Electronic Printed Electronic. Blu Inc Media Sdn Bhd. Please submit letters to the editor by e-mail to: The journal invites research articles, theoretical papers, as well as book reviews touching upon any aspect of intercivilisations or intercultural discourses on religions, philosophies, languages and knowledges or sciences. Q Electronic Printed Electronic Quest: Faculty of Business, Economics and Accounting.


University of Malaya Press Publication Frequency: Ann Dent UM is an open access journal and has no article processing fees, open access fees or page charges imposed on authors.

This journal is blind refereed. From onwards only the electronic version has been made available https: This journal published empirical, conceptual, and review papers of exceptional quality that contributes to the theoretical and practical discussions of educational leadership thinking and practices. Economist Electronic Printed Electronic.

The journal provides an intellectual venue for academics, postgraduate students and practitioners in the field of human services to debate on the various issues in the area of studies aforementioned.

The journal aims to provide a forum for communications amongst LIS professionals especially within the Asia Pacific region, to introduce new concepts, methodologies, systems and technology. In particular, the journal welcomes manuscripts with a focus on international relations in the Asia-Pacific.

Institute of Southeast Asian Studies. It provides a platform for scholars, experts, researchers, practitioners, and students to publish original research, review papers, and other scholarly works. Journal al-muqaddimah is an academic vhina that publishes the results of postgraduate students studying either at the master or PhD level.

Z Electronic Printed Electronic. Electronic Printed Electronic .