Kahi Loa is more than a massage technique. Translated it means – Oneness through the flowing of sacred energy. It concentrates on the skin with the recipient . You don’t want to miss this unique opportunity for the Crystal Coast area! Space is limited! Kahi Loa I Saturday noon-6pm and. Kahi Loa II Sunday 9am-6pm. Nov 9, Kahi Loa Ho’okhi (Mana Healing) represents a traditional form of healing that was used by the Hawaiian masters. Kahi Loa means “long glide,”.

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Kahi Loa Shamanic Therapy

What Kahi Loa is? Kahi Loa concentrates on the skin, the body’s largest and oldest organ, and is carried out with the recipient wearing light, natural clothing. In contrast, tactile stimulation applied by a battery-operated brush did not produce significant effects. However, depending on their particular lineage or training, some practitioners still retain some of the ritual.

The author, LeCain W. Kahi Loa is a traditional form of healing or massage that originated in Hawai’i, where for centuries, it was widely practised by the islands’ Master Healers. Touching and stroking is therapeutic and vital to our physiological and emotional well being.

Mobile Uploads photos. Passed down by oral tradition through many generations, this practice was part of a sacred healing ceremony and was firmly established in family life. It’s roots are in Ancient Shamanic Practices of Polynesia. Emotionally tired, depressed and unable to sleep, one of the participants offered to give me a massage to help me relax, and I agreed. They had knowledge and made use of the healing qualities of plants, herbs, flowers and fruit, but ooa stones and shells were employed when appropriate.

Since access to kzhi body surface is important, Lomi Lomi is akhi performed in a warm setting on a unclothed client who is draped with a cloth or sheet.


It was considered a sacred healing ceremony, requiring not only total concentration and dedication, but also unconditional love or acceptance and forgiveness Healing was viewed as an ongoing process, known to be accelerated and enhanced through living by certain concepts and associated behaviour.

Without them, they were convinced the existence and survival of all living things would be threatened if not impossible.

Kahi Loa Ho’okhi (Mana Healing) – The Center for Wellness Leadership

This spiritually based form of massage, sometimes called loving hands therapy, represents the best of the traditional spirit of aloha combined with modern wisdom. Children were massaged throughout infancy, often into adolescence.

Smith, learned early in life that his personal path to awakening was through ocean sailing, bodywork, and transformational energetic experiences. Because of this signature gentle touch, Kahi Loa is ideal for those recovering from injuries, as well as elders, or anytime hands-on treatment is not viable.

Through ceremonial prayers, blessing and chanting, often preceded by breathing rituals, they daily invoked Nature or Life’s gifts. Having observed the effects of negative thoughts on the body, healers, physicians or massage practitioners were free of preconceived ideas as to what kind of changes or healing a patient was able to create in his or her life.

The Center for Wellness Leadership

According to the principle that energy follows attention, it increases the power of the impact of treatment. He enriched it with his own experiences, too. The act of touching is carried out involving the use of our arms and hands. At Miami Medical School it was discovered that prematurely born babies in incubators gained weight quicker and were more alert than those treated conventionally.

Kahi Loa has been called “Magic Hands”. Skip to content Kahi Loa is one of the ancient Hawaiian systems of bodywork that falls under the general category of Lomi Lomi. Timeline Photos 43 photos. There is usually an increase in energy — unless a person is already in a totally exhausted state, which may be temporarily highlighted, but is followed by deep and refreshing sleep.


This technique combines work with the physical body, breath, and visualization.

By way of touching we experience virtual reality and connect with our own source of power. The therapist being in the state of meditation unites all those elements. There is ample use of coconut or kukui-nut oil, except when applying cross-fiber kaho techniques, and herbs, ti leaves, and smooth, hot volcanic stones are sometimes placed on certain spots to soften and warm the body while the hand work continues.

How Kahi Loa massage therapy looks like? Over the last kahhi years, the demand for massage and other therapies involving touch in one form or another has increased dramatically.

Preparing for Kahi Loha Massage Please wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes and no, or little, jewelry.

Massage is performed in a properly ventilated and heated room with the assistance of quiet and relaxing Hawaiian music. After the treatment she reported that the headache had totally gone. What is Kahi Loa?

Kahi Loa Shamanic Therapy

A healer and homeopath, I had began to wonder if somewhere there was a healing system in existence that involved a hands-on approach, and provided individuals with an empowering philosophy at the same time. Touch seems to be an almost forgotten language even though it is the oldest form of healing known to mankind. The sense of touch and feeling was the earliest to evolve in humans and is responsible for the development of our basic human qualities. Kahi Loa means “Magic Hands”.